🚨Irish fans are going mental as prominent Irish journalist rains on Ireland’s parade with classic begrudgery

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What a night that was last night for Irish rugby and one of the greatest nights ever in Irish sport. Hopefully Ireland can keep this up and push this on even more and go all the way at this year Rugby World Cup in France.

Wouldn’t you know it Ewan MacKenna had another cut of Irish rugby in the aftermath of the victory.

See some of his tweets and comments below;

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It’s weird. We are now joint fav with France. I can see should we navigate a way to final that it could be v England. Who will you support ? The ni shinners will probably shout for their rulers . All because of zombie. I’m loving it

Strange thing to say after they just beat one of the favs. They also won with their line out poor and Gibson Park struggling. A long way to go and even if they do top the group a huge QF against All Blacks awaits.

My god – it is mad to watch a man constantly find new ways to lessen his credibility. You must be in a really dark place if have to find a way to be negative after that game. Chin up Ewan.


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  1. That game was an arm wrestle , against 1&2 in the world , Ireland won’t get carried away , I think the SA team would have celebrated if they had edged it also , and remember their try was forward by at least a meter, I think it may well be Ire V SA in the final.

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