Where to Now for Andy Farrell & His Irish Team?

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That has to be one of the greatest acheivements ever in Irish sport, to go down to New Zealand and beat the All Blacks not once, but twice in their own back garden and win the series.

There have been many great moments in Irish Sport, Ireland beating England at the Euros in 1988, Padraig Harrington winning The Open twice and many more great achievements in Irish Sport.

But this has to top the lot, but the sad thing about it is. If Ireland fail to reach the semi-final of the World Cup at in France next year where they will either play either France or New Zealand a lot of the anti rugby folk shall we call them. Will dismiss Ireland’s great achievement this summer down in New Zealand where rugby is an absolute religion.

Whether you think Ireland will follow up on their historic performance in New Zealand at the World Cup or not, the odds you’ll get backing or laying them are spinning around as much as the slots in a casino online 

Ireland outclassed the All Blacks in New Zealand, a statement which would have seemed utterly fanciful in the past. One of Ireland’s players of the three test series Peter O’Mahony said after the game;

“It’s hard to put into words really. That (crowd) says a lot behind me.

“It’s never been done before to win here, to get a series win probably wasn’t something you thought about as a young fella. But now the young fellas at home will be dreaming of playing for Ireland and winning over here.

“It’ll have been done before and it’ll never be the task that it was, but it will never be taken away from that group that they were the first ones to do it. Not only to win once but win a series here.

“We always believe we can win, we know the work we put in, it’s an honest group of people. An incredible group of people.

“We’re all very lucky to have incredible backing from our families at home, we’re all good friends, our coaches. These days are made by groups of people.

“The people you have in the background, not just here but at home as well. It means a huge amount for us and a huge amount for them.

“For the kids at home it’s a new path made for them.”

Irish head coach Andy Farrell also added;

“This is probably the toughest thing to do in world rugby,”

The goal for Ireland now has to continue on what was an incredible summer. The Wallabies, the Springboks and Fiji all come to town this November and then we have the Six Nations in the new year which will lead on to the World Cup in France

Ireland simply have to continue this momentum and hope they stay injury free and then who knows, this Irish team might make another moment in history by making that all important semi-final of a World Cup.

It’s going to make for a very interesting time if you’re an Irish rugby supporter. Can Ireland actually win the World Cup? Don’t put it past this Irish team, it seems they just want more and more and are a great example to a lot of the other sports in Ireland.

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