Irish Pundit Eamon Dunphy Tears Into Messi And Suarez Over That Penalty

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Irish Pundit Eamon Dunphy was not happy with Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez vs Celta Vigo last night:

“No class. It totally lacked class. You have to respect your opponents and you have to respect the game and you have to respect the history of the game.

None of the great players of the past would have ever dreamt of doing anything like that.

Everyone who loves football, loves Messi and he has let himself down big time. He’s let the game down. He should apologise and he should be reprimanded by his coach. You don’t mess with the game. It’s sacrosanct.

He won’t be doing that in a Champions League final if he gets there, he owes an apology to his opponents, to the fans and to the people who love him and made him rich and famous.

That kind of bolloxology – to use a colloquialism – there’s no place for it in the arsenal of a great player. Lionel Messi is probably the greatest player we’ve ever seen. He was way out of order, his coach should reprimand him. He should apologise and if he doesn’t he loses a little bit in my eyes. I feel very strongly about it and I’m no goody-goody.

You’ve got to respect the ethos of the game.

It’s basically cheap. It’s a stunt. It’s self-indulgent.”

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