🚨The South African’s have been labelled a ‘disgrace’ for what they did when Craig Casey was down injured .. 🤬

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What a cracking test match between South and Ireland in Pretoria. The one bad thing about a cracking contest was when the Irish number nine went down injured and the Saffas played music ..

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Craig Casey gestures a thumbs up to acknowledge the crowd while being taken off the field by medical staff


That’s harsh. If you noticed, they were playing replays and everyone put up their phones at the same time for the song. This is done to allow the medical team to treat injured players on the field without cameras on them constantly.

Harsh? Man was out cold and required serious medical attention and there was a concert going on in the stands around him. It’s disgusting!

He was concussed, yes. The team were treating him on field. What would you have them do? Be deathly silent and have all cameras focus on Craig? It’s a tense situation and they are distracting the viewers to give some modicum of medical privacy.

Have respect for the man on the ground. It’s very simple! It’s not about the fans! It’s the lads on the pitch giving their bodies to the game.

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  1. It’s part of the game. Why always want to have a billion excuses when you lost a game.

    Sone advice built a bridge get over it

    1. It is not an excuse or complaint about losing – it is a reflection on South African mindset…..which I do find very different, lacking respect, concern & v strange. It was accidental but I hope the offender went over to Casey to check he was okay as he was being carried off…..which of course OF COURSE YOU WOULD EXPECT PARTICULARLY AS THEY ARE BOTH CLUBMATES…..did not appear overly concerned & was skulling bottles of water as the fans waved their phones to Coldplay. Coldplay indeed!! Brian

      1. It was not accidental, the injury may have been, but that’s different. On that prticular ocxassion Snyman should have been penalised for tge hand through the ruck,

  2. What did you want, a funeral procession. When the Springboks played England in RWC23 quater final, the ref allowed play to continue basically over an injured Springbok lying on the ground and you put up a stink re Springbok supporters having some fun while the medics attended to the injured player. Mate shut TF up if you have nothing to positive to add. FK you. By the way when everyone, players including the crowds clapped while the injured guy was taken of the field I said :”Thank FK he’s leaving”

  3. These guys do not know what they are talking about. They played sky full of stars by cold play to get the crowd to put their flash lights up for the injured player. And the stadium lit up for the man that went down.

  4. What about all the booing that happens in the games when the opposition kick for the poles. Hear how the NZ supporters boo the opposition, now that is DISGUSTING and should be banned in the name of good sportsmanship the stadium should be dead silent like it is in Europe for the Heineken Cup.

  5. Not hear the MC wishing him all the best and a speedy recovery…. and 52 000 fans clapping hands (a gesture to stand with agreement to the above statement) but luckily we are winning animals then

  6. No one wants any body injured.And how wany times do the spectators actually know what’s going on on the field I think this reported comment on the game is a total disgrace

  7. Listen what SA have done you would find issues with it, okay let me ask what would you done different??? Based in you comments a silent song would been the correct answer. You should not be bias

  8. I’m South African, and I can’t stand the fucking music and it’s always the same shit. It’s not sevens, it’s a test match and I agree, more respect should be shown. It’s one thing the crowd singing but the music is lame. South Africans are well known for booing, which shows poor manners. I Love the way Ireland and Wales show respect by being silent.

  9. So would you prefer the Death March ??? Poor comment bro . Associating the injury with the music . Pissie pissie .

  10. Just shows a total lack of respect for injured players – atrocious that such a thing happened – it’s a rugby game not a boxing match!! I’d only expect it to happen with Rngland or Russian teams as they think brutality is the way to win a game – maybe SA thinks the same too.

    1. It was a legitimate tackle and unfortunately Casey banged his head in the contact and lost conciousness. The medical team were there quickly, but it took a while for them to assess the damage and to attend to him with due care and diligence – I believe the music was there to take the focus off them and allow them to do their job and that no disrespect was intended. Wishing him a full and speedy recovery. You say that rugby is not a boxing match; but it IS a contact sport and there is a fair chance of players getting hurt on both sides, due to the very nature of the game. It is not tiddlywinks. Wishing Casey a full and speedy recovery.

  11. Just shows how unprofessional the SA are in an international match to play music while a player has been seriously wounded by a SA rugby player – is that the only way that they really can win games by brure force and brutality? Doesn’t show SA rugby in a good light does it ? As violent/barbaric as the Russian and England teams, no sense of sportsmanship at all.

    1. Typical response from another insipid arrogant halfwit, still living in the past you congenital halfwit!

      1. Springboks – 4 World Cups
        Ireland – 0
        Why the degrading comments? Talk about respect ! Your are just jealous – you’re the congenital halftwit. – f#ck off.

        1. Quinton,

          Shame man. Poor Jim. Must SUCK to be IRISH!

          Rugby, Cricket, Weather, what else could go wrong?

          1. At least we have the electric power on 24 hours a day. More than you can do in the 21st century

  12. Who needs a power supplier when SOLAR was invented years ago and you can harvest the SUNSHINE! Oh wait, the weather on your island is grey and gloomy like your rugby outlook.

    Be more positive mate. The sun will come up tomorrow. It was only 1 loss. No need to slit your wrist about 30 guys fighting over a bag of air.

    There is more to life than that.

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