Irish fans Sent Death Threats to Thierry Henry ‘We know where you live.’

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The former Arsenal and French striker has opened up about the hate mail and death threats he had after the famous France vs Ireland World Cup Play-off in 2009

“I was the devil,” Henry said on the Robbie Fowler Podcast. “It’s OK. I accepted it. Am I proud of it? No! Do I get abused by the Irish fans sometimes? Yes, I do.

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“It’s hard to take because this is not the type of player I am but when you have a bad instinct or reaction, it’s difficult to explain. I can’t explain it because it happens.

“This is where it becomes difficult and I’m not saying this for people to say ‘Oh my God!’ but after that, the abuse that I got – I received letters and death threats.

“My daughter had to go to school with a bodyguard for two weeks because I was scared – ‘We know where you live.’

“I was in Barcelona, don’t get me wrong, but my daughter was still here [London].

“I’m not trying to make this sound better than what it was because it happened but the impact that it has on your family sometimes, this is when it becomes difficult.”

“This is the stuff that sometimes people do not understand. You don’t want to receive death threats, you don’t want your daughter to be targeted, you don’t want that but it happened.”

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