🚨The IRFU are coming in for an awful hammering for scandalous decision

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With the Rugby World Cup less then three months away, Ireland get ready to take on Italy and England at the Aviva Stadium in August. The IRFU have released their ticket prices for both games and people aren’t happy with what their looking for, scandalous amount of money, at a time when there is a cost of living crisis going on in the country.

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Lads, that pricing is absolutely outrageous. Do better. Two tickets for the England, travel up and down, bite to eat and a couple of pints is pushing 700 quid for a, let’s be honest, a meaningless game.”

Ah lads, we love ya! We understand there’s no such thing as a free lunch….. but those prices continue to price most of us out of the stadium. It’s getting a bit silly”

Are just some of the comments underneath the IRFU’s pricing, maybe they should rethink it..

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  1. What a useless article….you don’t quote the ticket prices ….or quote the prices of tickets at the other home nations warm up matches for comparison …do better!

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