🚨GAA fan page has a pop off young Steven Mulrooney for singing Ireland’s Call .. 🤬

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Ireland had a massive win against the Italians today at the Aviva Stadium and prior to the game, young Irish rugby supporter Steven Mulrooney sang Ireland’s call and it was truly brilliant.

The Dublin GAA fan page aren’t fans of it though .. see it below ..

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Now this was probably tongue in cheek from the fan page, but all the same, people aren’t happy with the page and their comment on the great little young fella didn’t go down well with some people.

Fair play to Steven Mulrooney it was exactly what we need on this cold fresh day in Dublin to warm everyone up before a massive Irish win. Ireland are now strong favourites to go all the way and win the Grand Slam and the first team ever to do it back to back.

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  1. So called “Dubfan”. Are comments screened before being posted? Showing hatred and tantamount to child abuse. Do the GARDAI know of this comment?
    Well done to S. MULROONEY. You did Ireland proud and certainly spurred players and fans along👏👏👏👏👏

    1. Well said who ever he is just key board warrior jealous of a child who did his country proud sang his wee heart out and loved the last bit come on Ireland 😁😁❤️❤️

    2. I assume Dublinfan is an adult. How dare you address any child in this manner. Says alot about you. You probably don’t even know the words of our National Anthem, not alone be able to sing it to a packed stadium , This boy is 8 years old. Just remember that you tool. 🇮🇪☘️

  2. Funny how this song is pretty much sung at all of Ireland’s rugby internationals. And hardly a complaint reaches a point of newsworthy reporting from a negative point of view. Now some youngster songs it and suddenly there are complaints … You all need a life.. just appreciate for what it is. A well sung rendition

    1. The admin of the GAA page should block abusive remarks. Especially against an 8 year old .Abusing 8 year olds hase a name.

  3. Brilliant !! He was Brilliant … the song i like but not my Anthem but … this young man has a voice to applaud .. and courage! Looking forward to hearing him sgain and again. He touched my ❤️

  4. The person that made that comment should be be blocked from posting on it again,it’s a child you are talking about and you should keep your rude comments to yourself.

  5. I’m from Northern Ireland
    I live in England
    I’m so depressed by some of the crap I read on social media pages but especially about Ireland and being Irish or British and flegs and anthems.

    The beauty of rugby is that differences are accepted, compromises made and the team plays for the whole island and the band plays on.

    If you don’t like it, shut up and move on.

    1. Me too Michael, from Belfast and live in Cornwall. A lovely song uniting all four provinces in a wonderful game.

  6. I am from North Cork, but live in the North End of England, my grand niece and nephew’s are neighbours of Jack Crowley. What a game also to see and hear young Steven belting out our Rugby Anthem.
    Proud to be Irish ☘️

  7. I’m a Bok fan but l love that anthem!! I usually sing along as l now know all the words!! That little chappie was brilliant!! I don’t think that churlish comment is warranted, especially if that person is a fan? Sing on Master Mulrooney !! I hope you become a fixture so that l can sing along with you!!👍👍👍

  8. “Steven Mulrooney sung Ireland’s call and it was truly brilliant.”

    No, he sang it, not sung it.

    If you want to be a reporter get your English right.

    Just saying…

  9. Dear Benchwarmers, might help if you proofread your article before posting, for Gods’ sake, the .main headline read “signing, NOT singing!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  10. The reason it’s sung is because of the NI players from both sides of the divide, a compromise. 8 years old? Wow what a champ……a little star.

  11. Whether the comment was ‘for real’ or so-called, ‘tongue-in-cheek’. It’s disgusting!

    But 1 thing rugby and soccer (fans/supporters) have over GAA fans/supporters, is that They wait for their ‘sacred’ national anthem to finish fully before they start shouting roaring cheering blowing air-horns etc.

    As far as I can see it. The Irish (The GAA) are the only ppl who really show disrespect to their ‘sacred’ national anthem! And that’s NOT tongue-in-cheek! From a fan/supporter of most sports, including Gealic Games

    Proper national flag/anthem etiquette requires a person/team to stand still for the duration of the national anthem. Hats etc should b removed by Menfolk. And, the national flag should b faced while the anthem is playing. If no national flag is present. A person should face the direction of the music, literally!

    Applying these proper principles. Our national soccer team are the only 1s who do it right. Take a look the next time they’re playing. They always turn towards the Irish flag. I would like to see the rugby team found likewise. While most GAA teams do face the flag. They certainly do not stand still! So it would appear. There’s plenty to learn about proper national flag and anthem etiquette

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