🚨Ronan O’Gara hits out at the officials & questions the future of the game .. 😬

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The former Munster and Irish out-half Ronan O’Gara took to his twitter yesterday and questioned where the game currently sits ..

This DuPont Law is one such example and a farce. Nobody paying tickets or advertising for a frozen game

If TMO didn’t exist, the refs call was held up, so no try. However, I thought the high angle showed the ball clearly touching the line. And if the ball rolled off the boot, it could only have ended on the ground.

Also, it’s a sport where refs actively try to pre-empt offences being committed. Routinely they warn players not to do something. Strictly speaking, it’s none of their business. Refs r supposed to be scrupulously above the fray. In rugby they’re often steering the flow of a game

Rugby has become a farce. Between different interpretations of the the laws with different refs and the whole TMO review thing the game has descended into a he said / she said shit show. You could break down any game into micro moments and have a completely different outcome

100%, becoming a farse and a joke. Thank god I became a fan 16 years ago. If I were to of begun now I doubt I would of stuck at it. Referees and the Law changes are ruining the game. I believe Nigel Owens is the root cause of these issues.

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  1. As a former ref: Nigel Owens is the problem, – sounds like a player who thinks he/she can ref…. I have a lot of concern about this site, – just a referee second guessing site…. My thoughts are that the bunker system – only works for games with TMO’s so for all non TMO games unless you have the fourth official (when you have one) do it but you need video? So most games will be ref + ARs decisions (if you have ARs)…. OK the high tackle issue, its potentially dangerous…. Lots of players don’t want to tackle low any more…. no wrap tackles and such need to be penalized and if there is head or neck contact as well, it could be harsh sanctions – Does anyone know what the latest HIA stats look like, the head contact guidelines are pretty easy to understand. One way to get this point emphasized is to have your own child out there and see if you are happy with reducing the sanctions when it happens….

    1. Uk they are so concerned with head contact they should stop players trying to “ jackal” for ball at rucks, routinely back rows getting ten or twelve blows to head yet still allowed to go on, simple any player attempting to steal ball at ruck should have one foot past the ball, clear out is on body not head and neck

  2. I totally agree with Rona. I was brought up playing rugby with my 3 sisters and my dad. I watched rugby at club level for many years. I used to love the game. Things have changed so much in the last 12 months, l can’t even watch it on TV. The refereeing is an absolute joke. The coaching of teams by referees should stop NOW.

  3. O’Gara is right in all his points with the exception of the one about Nigel Owens. O’Gara has given deep thought and good analysis of the modern game and highlighted only a few of the issues.

    He did not mention the scrum feed which is a farce. Perhaps the referee should be instructed to penalise squint feeds and yellow carding the squint feeder

    1. Tom, what you are suggesting is ALREADY in the laws of the game. Just being ignored because some idiots think scrums are a waste of time and want a quick feed with no real contest for the ball to allow plenty of time for endless replays of some innocuous chest high contact, that is now interpreted as a high tackle.

      1. Totally agree. I played in the 70s up till the 2000s. When we started playing rugby we all knew it was full contact sport and that’s what myself and many or my friend’s enjoyed about the game. Now I can’t even watch it on tv. There’s was a game last year that just put me right of the game. It was a French player cant remember his name, but he was sent off ten minutes into the game for what the bunker deemed a high tackle. In my opinion it was chest high no head contact. That game was the end for me. Get rid of the bunker and them intervening in the game, or let them debate about it after the game. TMO should only be used for try or no try.

    2. Totally agree with the comment about squint ball at scrum. Why on earth was this law changed. A team putting the ball in had the loose head advantage . The other side had the opportunity to win against the head. Now the art of scrummaging no longer exists.

  4. Naas Botha made the point about the referees coaching players many years ago.
    Instead of warning them, penalise them.

  5. Wot about the Welsh, English game, Welsh player jumps for ball only to be hit by the English player, penalty. But no game over,

  6. Feeding the sacrum is absolutely pathetic.it’s a contact sport so heads will get bumped occasionally so why does this require a yellow card.game is being spoiled by silly law changes and bad refereeing

  7. Unchallenged arum make the hooker unemployed.
    If players are infringing and wanting at the blank, or moving to an offside position, why does the referee interfere with the match play and warn players back. Allow the players to be offside and award a penalty.
    Rugby is more than ever becoming dull to watch and predictable. Referrers need to officiate the game and not coach match play.

  8. A few years ago Eng v Italy Italy disrupted Eng. line out by not completing and going around onto the scrum half. Eng complained but the Ref said it was legitimate and he was not there to coach England

  9. Shame TMO was not an unbiased Irishman. Should be a rule about officials being neutral and not from a country taking part in the tournament, especially as Scotland have not played Ireland yet. Clearly the ref needs new specs as he did not see what thousands of others saw, ball on ground.

  10. Interesting reading comments.
    Let’s try another. Ping pong rugby. Why on earth kick the ball to the opposition when you are in the ascendency ?

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