🚨People have mixed views on what the Ireland women’s basketball team did prior to their match against the Israeli team .. 😬

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The Ireland women’s basketball team took on Israel last night and prior to the match the Irish ladies refused to shake hands with the Israeli team. People have all sorts of different views on this matter, see them below ..

MORE HERE: 🚨Jamie Carragher is coming under serious fire, with people calling him the biggest hypocrite going .. 😬


Refusing to shake hands with opponents is a serious and controversial decision, often reflecting underlying tensions or grievances. It’s crucial to address such situations with sensitivity and respect for all parties involved. Allegations of discrimination or bias should be thoroughly investigated and resolved through proper channels to ensure fair play and sportsmanship.
Ireland remembers settler colonialism and attempted genocide and know it when they see it.
Anti genocide is not anti semitism. That’s an argumentative trick they’ve overused.
They should not be even playing against them, they must play in the middle east!!!!!!!
Being so morally depraved that you think the win is really what matters here just adds further credence to the widely-accepted view that Zionists are the most morally bankrupted fuckers on the planet
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