🚨New evidence emerges as to why one of the New Zealand try’s shouldn’t have stood

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What a cracking match that was on Saturday evening between both Ireland and the All Blacks at a full Stade de France in Paris. It was very evenly matched between both teams and the man in the middle Wayne Barnes had some massive calls to make.

One that people are questioning is New Zealand’s opening try, should it have been given?

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New Zealand will take on Los Pumas next and would you give the South American side any chance against the All Blacks? Don’t rule them out and wouldn’t it be great if Argentina managed to get to the final. What that would do for rugby in generally, surely Messi would go to the final also..

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  1. I saw at the real time of it happening. What is the point of having T M Os if They are not capable of doing their job. I could see it happening on a small TV screen and the TMOs couldn’t see it. There is something not right about this Situation

    1. Money talks corruption is every where wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they were told make sure the all blacks win alot of things in the game we’re left go by the referee that were very questionable putting it mildly there should have been a lot more yellow cards than there was and a definitely one red card

    2. People make mistakes . . .take away the people. A.I TMOs. Enough sensors laid throughout the field will mean no more mistakes.

  2. Wayne Barnes has been coorupt all his life an gets away with, that’s why we can’t get 2 a world cup, best of luck Argentina, I’ll b roaring my head off for ye🇮🇪

    1. I suggest the reason you didn’t get two World Cups is because you’re not good enough at knockout rugby?

  3. I’m Irish. This is rugby. Fight for everything during the match and get over yourself afterwards. We lost. There is no changing the result. Congratulations to New Zealand.

    1. Spot on they were the better the on the night. Ireland were below par on the night, let’s just try to be good losers

  4. TMOs seem to be negligent and in cahoots with the TV director.
    Kolbes charge down of the French kick was never shown in full wide angle view. That in itself is suspicious. I believe it has since been proven illegal.
    This is all so disappointing, as it makes taking the games seriously, a large ask.
    Now a team has to be so overwhelming as to be able to beat 16 men including the one in the middle. Not an enjoyable prospect.

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