🚨The Irish fans are not happy with Matt Doherty & Shane Duffy & have labelled them a ‘disgrace’ for their actions ..

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What a win that was last night for the boys in green, Ireland managed to beat Hungary two goals to one at the Aviva Stadium. A last minute winner thanks to Troy Parrott.

After the match though Matt Doherty put up a post with the captain ’45 of my best’ and this has annoyed a lot of Irish fans ..

See some of the tweets/comments below ..

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People take Matt Doherty too seriously he has always been like that. Most of his interviews and and social media comments are full of sarcasm and irony. He has a dry sense of humour, he has an actual personality unlike so many footballers who are media trained from 12 years old.
Matt Doherty dickhead .. I have only seen him in person a few times but you can smell the entitlement of him
Matt Doherty acting like he’s Ronaldo is shocking. 45 Minutes he shouldn’t have got! We need a Keane in there because if we don’t have the talent we need to make sure we’ve the mindset



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