Popular politician in the north asks for the Irish women’s team to be ‘thrown out of the World Cup’

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There has been all sorts of silly debate going online over the past 28 hours after the Irish ladies football team made a mistake in singing ‘Oh aw up the RA’ after qualifying for the their first major tournament ever.

Well one clown of a politician in the north of Ireland wants to see the Irish ladies team thrown out of the tournament, before it has even started. Jamie Bryson is this individual that wants this action to take place, talk about way over the top!

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Jamie Bryson seems to be looking for attention again, guys like this hold everything up, I’m sure his making a view quid up in the north will all this waffle and hate.

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  1. Jamie is not a politician you Muppets,he stood once and received 167 votes, he’s just a mouthpiece for the UDA uvf Uff paramilitary forces, calling him a politician is beyond belief, he’s a sectarian scumbag who has conviction for fraud.

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