(Videos) MMA card sparks outrage after male fighters secure TKO victories over female opponents

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A highly-contentious Polish MMA card has been causing fury in the fighting community after two female fighters were finished by male opponents.

While the human race is striving for equality in all walks of life, there’s an unspoken understanding that putting men and women into an octagon or boxing ring against one another is an obviously bad idea.

Perhaps someone ought to have told the organisers of MMA-VIP3, an MMA card that took place over the weekend in Poland – which pinned men and women against each other for the viewers’ pleasure.

The result, as you could probably have predicted, was two TKO victories from the male fighters involved in the first and second rounds respectively.

You can see the footage below of the two fights which have left a bad taste in the mouth of MMA fans.

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We live in an era where anyone can convince anyone to step through the ropes of a boxing ring or into the cage of an octagon and it’s referred to as a boxing/MMA fight – but this is a step too far.

The organisers clearly have absolutely no regard for the welfare of their fighters, with the females, all due respect, quite clearly out-powered and out-manoeuvred by their male opponents.

We never want to see this happening again, someone could get themselves seriously hurt.