Influencer says she would love to ‘fight’ MMA legend

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The OnlyFans model and influencer boxer, Elle Brooke, has welcomed a potential ‘fight’ against Ronda Rousey.

Brooke, speaking recently with LegalSportBooks to discuss her boxing career said,

“Yes definitely! I was never a religious WWE fan but I knew what it was obviously and I’d absolutely love to do it. I’d love to fight Ronda Rousey one day.

“I’m not at her level right now but that’s something to work towards – that’s if she’d ever fight me. She’d probably want millions and I’m probably not famous enough to do that. But the sky’s the limit!”

‘I watch a lot of wrestling clips on my TikTok feed and I think it’s so impressive what they can do. It doesn’t look too aggressive, they’re not trying to kill each other like in the UFC! That’s not for me. I don’t fancy an elbow to the face.’

Brooke vs Rousey in the WWE coming soon? Stranger things have happened.

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