“Imagine if Solskjaer was Lampard. The media would’ve absolutely killed him.” Says Twitter

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Manchester United fans are out in force this evening standing drawing comparisons between Solskjaer and Lampard saying if the shoe was on the other foot the English press wouldn’t be so kind on Solskjaer as they are to fellow English man Frank Lampard

Who remembers Roy Keane saying likewise standing up to Jamie Carragher over twelve months ago, Keane is never far off the mark🤣

Frank Lampard will be under massive pressure now after this result and Solskjaer and Manchester United are sitting pretty at the top of the table with bitter rivals Liverpool. Chelsea have spent over 200 million this summer and some of their star signings haven’t really turned up which is very worrying for Lampard and Chelsea fans alike.

With an FA Cup break for Chelsea now, will we see Lampard come back after that or will he get the sack, Chelsea don’t hang around with their managers club legend or not…