🚨‘GAA did a better job of promoting rugby’ – says former All-Ireland winner .. 😬

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Speaking on The Independent former Wexford hurler and All-Ireland winner Tom Dempsey said the following;

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“hurling is being driven into the ground”

“I have absolutely no problem with rugby in Croke Park, but the GAA did a better job of promoting rugby than their own sports last weekend,” Dempsey added. “I would love to see Croke Park open to all sports, but we’re not promoting our own games at all. Hurling is being absolutely driven into the ground.

“We’ll end up that it’ll be an underground sport, like the hedge schools, if we’re not careful.

“I’m going down to train young lads tonight and want them to have seen their heroes on television. That gives me such a benefit in promoting the game to youngsters.

“I want them to be taking a free like Lee Chin or Patrick Horgan or TJ Reid, but they’re just not seeing it. It’s really going to run hurling into the ground compared to the other sports.

“I’ve nothing against League of Ireland, but you could have six or seven thousand at a match and they’ll have it on television, whereas you have nearly 40,000 at Clare and Cork and it’s not on television. Who’s making the decisions on this?”

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