🚨The GAA have done something very disappointing over the weekend .. 😬

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This is really disappointing to see from the organisation it has to be said .. instead of using or asking some talented graphic Irish designers to mock up images to promote our games, the GAA have instead chosen to use AI generated images ..

Shocking to say the least, see below and some of the comments underneath ..


The money is absolutely there, they spend an absolute fortune on their IT as it is (every club has an individual website – which is basically just a glorified SharePoint site, they also have THOUSANDS of M365 licences which are a heavy cost, aren’t even being used correctly either)
These are terrible for even basic reasons. Jesus wept like
Next the GAA will be hawking AI generated matches to create content for GAAGO and just cut out the human element all together for the aul
Remember these are the lads that got sour at Supermacs over an April Fools
The helmets don’t cover as much of the face as I would expect
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