Hurleys went flying in an all brawl at a club game this weekend 👊 Disgusting scenes

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We’re in the thick of the club action at the moment and last night between Naomh Barróg and Oulart-the-Ballagh in the Leinster hurling club quarter final there was a mass brawl that broke out and some viewers at the game got involved also.

The Dublin side Naomh Barróg of Kilbarrack pulled off a shock in beat the Wexford side Oulart-the-Ballagh. Unfortunately though, this game will be remembered for the wrong reasons, there will be suspensions and fines handed out, guaranteed. See the video below;

MORE HERE: Pat Spillane destroys Cork GAA in brutal Munster Comparasion 😂

We thought these scenes were a think of the past in the GAA, but with the Camera phone we’re now seeing more and more of these, where as in the past, it might have got brushed under the rug…

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