🚨One of Cork’s greatest ever hurlers says he was treated ‘Unfairly’ last year by the management

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One of the greatest ever hurlers to play the game of hurling, Patrick Horgan was speaking at the launch of the new hurling league campaign that gets underway this weekend and the four time All-star believes he was treated ‘unfairly’ by last years management under Kieran Kingston.

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“I suppose it was challenging,”

“I thought for a lot of last year that there was a lot of, I suppose, treatment going on that kind of…that I thought wasn’t fair. That doesn’t mean to say anybody else didn’t think it was fair, I suppose. Anybody who doesn’t play thinks they’re being treated unfairly but, yeah, I was one of them and I thought I was being treated unfairly.”

“I just think there was stuff going on all the time that really is not supposed to happen on a team. Everybody is supposed to be positive and everybody is supposed to be driving each other, exactly the way it is happening now.




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