WATCH: Bone-crunching cyclist and spectator collision hospitalises pair with head injuries

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A spectator at a cycling event in Spain has been left in a serious condition after walking out in front of a competitor as they sprinted towards the finish line.

We’ve seen it time and time again with spectators causing havoc at cycling races. Most recently on June 26th of this year an onlooker at stage 1 of the Tour de France caused a HUGE crash by standing out in front of the cyclists with a banner, clearly with the intention to get herself on camera.

The incident we’re focussing on today occurred at an event called the Salmor Bike in the Canary Island of El Hierro over the weekend, and we’re just going to give you a heads up before you scroll down to watch the video, it’s a nasty one.

Just as the seemingly winning cyclist sprints towards the finishing line, a spectator walks straight out in his path, with her head whacking him on the jaw and sending him off his bike. Both of them appear to be out cold almost immediately, falling flat on their faces with some force.

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The woman is said to have suffered ‘very serious’ head injuries following the collision, with the competitor also suffering head injuries of a lesser degree and short-term memory loss. We wish both of them a speedy recovery – and eagerly await updates in the investigation into what exactly she was doing…