(Video) Hasbulla gifted his very own UFC title belt in Abu Dhabi

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It’s official – Hasbulla is a UFC champion. You can’t say that the little man doesn’t deserve it!

Hasbulla has become a bit of a celebrity in the fighting world, having been adopted by the hugely successful string of fighters emerging from Dagestan.

He has grown an extensive social media following as a result of the rather humorous videos he has shared across his social media channels.

Hasbulla has subsequently been brought into the fold at the UFC, with the organisation recognising his star power and fully embracing his allure.

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Hasbulla (pictured) has become somewhat of a superstar in the UFC

It remains to be seen exactly who was responsible for it, but someone gave Hasbulla the recognition that he dearly deserves at UFC 280 in Abu Dhabi.

Hasbulla was spotted trotting around with his very own UFC belt over his shoulder, downsized to be suitable for him, rather than an actual UFC fighter.

We can’t get enough of the little man…