🚨 BREAKING: It’s over for Harry Kane at Tottenham as he’s about to join the most surprising club.

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It’s going to be another massive summer of transfers and one person that everyone is going to be keeping a close eye on is England captain Harry Kane. According to reports online, the French giants PSG are now emerging as one of the clubs that the 29 year old could move to in the summer.

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Relevo journalist, Matteo Moretto, has tweeted that PSG are in initial talks with Kane’s entourage about a switch.

The French champions have lost Lionel Messi already this summer, and it’s believed that the club would be open to selling Neymar before the start of the 2023/24 season too.

Would this be a good move for the Spurs striker, time will tell..

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  1. The only clear out required at Spurs is Enic.22 years of total miss management.WE need a TOTAL new start.

    1. Who writes this crap??? Kane wants the Premier League goal record, everyone knows they but somehow these ‘Journalists’ still write this idiotic crap. Get a real job you bunch of hacks

      1. The premier league record is a false record. Football didn’t start with the premier league.
        It’s an insult to the great players who went before. Shearer should admit he holds no records.

        1. How is it a false record? It’s doesn’t claim to be the highest goal scorer ever , it is as stated the highest premier league goal scorer.

          1. Why is there one record for international scorers yet there is a special Premier League record for club scorers?
            The premier league record means nothing. Either you accept the history of football in all its different incarnations or you have made up records like the premier league crap. It’s an insult to those who came before.

        2. Yes but also should start from fresh now V.A.R is in the game because if you put V.A.R on all premier league scorers im sure the stats would completely change all together.
          That’s what should be your point.

      2. Look Harry tried his best, I think he should move on,,, he is becoming a curse at spurs, we will do much better with out him

        1. Wow really he’s a curse! Without his goals where would be this season probably relegated and that’s a curse ? Who else stood up for us this season Son Richardlson
          He has my blessings if he goes but Point the finger at the board not the players or the world class managers who always win but not at Tottenham

        2. Are you mad with out kane use would not be no where near where you are in the league use would be fighting at the bottom

      3. Calm down. Levy will be reluctant to sell to rivals and im sure HK wants to win trophies. Goal scoring records wìll always get beaten but trophies are forever.

      4. Ur not joking my friend he needs to join man united as yous will struggle to finish in the top half of the table ange is out of his depth forget Harry kane u need to get rid of that fucking clown Daniel levy yous will never progress with him at the helm not being cheeky you Tottenham fans know it enough said

  2. Yes, it’s total rubbish. In the end someone will be right but in reality these journalists know no more than we do! He’ll go to PSG or Real Madrid or Man Utd or stay at Spurs. Someone will jump up and say you read it here first but it will just be that they have struck lucky. I used to read all these insider “scoops” but rarely do now because they are always wrong…

    1. The only way for Kane to win trophies and silverware is by leaving Tottenham and joining either Manchester United or Real Madrid.l strongly feel that Spurs are done ,I can’t see them being top 6 in the Epl any time soon or whatsoever.

  3. Let him leave he is upsetting the team that’s why they are struggling.If he thinks a lot of the club sign a new contract just fed up hearing about this all the time let us concentrate on the start of the season and getting some new players in

  4. A record breaker of non important goals that won spurs nothing as he does not step up when it matters most!
    Maybe he should go Arsenal he fits their philosophy 😂

  5. He won’t leave Tottenham don’t you know anything about ur club when he signed his last contract he got shares in the club and his kids are settled in London with school ect if he does leave it won’t be to a premiership rival as Daniel levy is a fucking clown who would rather let him leave for free than see him join utd u guys need to band together and force him out he will just keep dragging yous down mauricio pocchettino ring any bells he will come bk to haunt yous watch Chelsea next season they will be flying

  6. Harry kane 🤣🤣🤣 only good as penalty taker and against minnow teams,
    Lineker was a real poacher and goal scoring machine and shearer including, Drogba was class👍

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