(Photos) F1 star Romain Grosjean shows off gruesome scars 12 months on from HORROR crash

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Retired F1 star Romain Grosjean has shown fans the current state of his hands, a year on from his horrifying crash at the Bahrain GP.

Grosjean made the headlines for all the wrong reasons a year ago after his car was engulfed in flames following a 140mph crash in Bahrain.

There didn’t appear to be any prospect of survival, with the car having broken in half, smashed through a crash barrier and set alight.

Yet, against all the odds, Grosjean emerged from the flames and was able to walk himself to the ambulance. The only lasting damage done was to his hands.

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With a year having passed since the crash, Grosjean appeared as a guest on Nico Rosberg’s podcast and showed fans what his hands look like after 12 months of healing.

While his right hand is essentially back to normal, there is still a long recovery road ahead of his left. We warn you, the content below may be unsuitable for some readers.

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