Video goes viral of Graeme Souness condoning an sectarianism song as Rangers manager

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The former Liverpool and Rangers star Graeme Souness was on TalkSPORT this week and was hugely critical of Celtic and rightly so for their lack of respect for the Queen’s passing.

Since then the former Rangers manager has been reminded of the time he stood by as a the Rangers players sang a song with the words “f**k the pope and the Vatican”. 

It should be remember that Graeme Souness was the first Rangers manager to pick a Catholic player to play for the club for the first time in its history.

MORE HERE: Graeme Souness ‘slams’ the actions of Celtic & it’s supporters after the Queen’s passing

Wether you agree or disagree with the Royal family, someone died that meant a lot to a lot of people and should respect and they will show respect in retrun..

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  1. EBT Souness, who cheated his queen of thousands of pounds in due tax and who encouraged sectarian and racist chants and singing by his own players in the home dressing room, has a very selective memory. Trying to airbrush the part he played in that clubs lengthy history of racism and religious bigotry is ignorant beyond belief. No contrition or regret at the part he played, his only regret is that he was caught on camera.
    Lest we forget.

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