🚨BREAKING Graham Potter to take over as Chelsea manager until the end of the season

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Graham Potter is BACK! The former Brighton and Chelsea manager has been drafted in to save the club from relegation. Frank Lampard took over as Chelsea manager at the start of the month and it clearly hasn’t worked out – the former midfielder is yet to win a game.

Chelsea’s clueless owner, Todd Boehly, has turned back to Graham Potter and said; ‘it didn’t work before but it might work this time’ as Chelsea fans threaten to storm the gates of Stamford Bridge.

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Chelsea are on the verge of signing former Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino as their new permanent manager, but it’s now been reported that the South American is having second thoughts with this joke shop!

Pochettino was quoted as saying; ‘This looks like a manager of Fossett’s Circus rather than a football club’

(If you haven’t guessed this piece is meant for satire/humour)

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    1. I think it’s high time they sell the club back to Roman. I didn’t see any wrong the Russian has done. Todd Boehly can’t handle this Chelsea business.

  1. I’m highly disappointed in Todd Boehly why not the permanent manager now so that he can start work on those players, from there he can know who to sell and to retain

    1. Ridiculous decision by the new owner, Touchel was the right man for Chelsea…Chelsea was by far better under Roman

    2. You are right dear that’s what he should have thought, employe a manager straight to work on who to keep and who to go.

  2. Potter can do the job just needs the time and fall support of players and everybody around him ,you can’t work with a are over your head

    1. Some people like Shane just cannot get it in their heads that Potter failed dissimally to lead Chelsea FC to success and that a new coach with fresh ideas is required

  3. It would have been better if they hirie a new manager now let him starts knowing the player before summer transfer so he know who to sell and who to keep

  4. This issue rose because of we the fans… we always want to win which will not always be the case… I’m not gonna lie we shouldn’t have opted for potter sack… he was performing much much better in not losing game at least

  5. The biggest Mistake began by sacking Thomas Tuchel & until now Mistake after Mistake !!! Why you sack Tuchel? Why You bring Potter? What do you want from Lampard ?

    1. That is stupidity ,,,you can’t back again the coach you sacked for almost 1 month now in the same club👁️👁️👁️👁️ this is wonders that had never seen

    2. It’s quite unfortunate that the owner of Chelsea is confused, he doesn’t know anything about football

  6. The mistake was made when they agreed to sell to boehly. I’m a life long Chelsea fan 60yrs. And I have never experienced the like of this. Didn’t someone tell that empty head that when you buy new players you must have a plan in place to off load players. I THINK WE WILL KEEP ALL OUR PLAYERS AND HAVE THE BIGGEST CLUB IN THE WORLD 🤣🤣 ? Well you certainly done that tod. What next.

  7. I don’t think you know what satire is. This literally exists just for clicks so you can get ad revenue. No wonder you only hire journalists who can’t get a job elsewhere.

  8. Imagine me. I use bet on Chelsea to win. Now I do bet Chelsea to lose because they have Syphon my money to Munster severely. I think the best way is to get a permanent manager in order to know how fish out competent players for first eleven.

  9. Congratulations Chelsea join the circus with spurs. We have the clowns, the players jumping through hoops, we just need some animals. Lol.

  10. If lamapard remains in charge for the remaining fixtures,it means no chance for Chelsea to win the remaining games.that is for sure..he is always frastrated,no constant line up,always prefer to defend rather than attacking and no luck at all ..sometimes football need a bit luck

  11. Chelshit fans make una dey play ooo 😂 lol you guys are confused being una Neva balance at all una sack una bring am back una sack again una still bring am back omo wtf is wrong with ur owner self I rest my case ooo 😂 gunners for life

  12. I cried over chelsea for their downfall and bringing in lampard to put chelsea in more shameful part 😢

  13. The only solution to chelsea saga is to employ a permanent manager who will deal with selection of the team ,at the moment they have got good quality players but poor selection in right positions

  14. To Ask Abromavich to stand down because he is Russian was not just wrong but obviously racist,and to all other Russian people who have been vilified for a war that Americans once again provoked,by I digress!Since that time Chelsea has been a shit show,I guess you reap what you sow.I feel for the fans n the players ,cause nobody knows what trick the club will perform next.

  15. I believe we have been on a slow downhill road since we got Kepa on board. He may make the occasional good save, but he makes a lot of errors and does not have any respect or belief from the playing squad.
    Added to that, we have made far too many panic buys of players that are not good enough for CFC.

  16. he only hire those that will take chelsea to where dey no know, the new owner is a confused human being

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