🚨Graeme Souness gives a ridiculous reason for Scotland losing to Germany last night ..

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The former Scotland captain Graeme Souness was on ITV last night and blamed Scotland losing to Germany due to their population .. Not sure about this one, there’s other countries with even smaller numbers and they manage to compete at the highest level ..

If you can get your house in order and have a proper system of brining through players, you can achieve anything regardless of player numbers .. At the end of the day, you can only put 11 players on the pitch ..

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He’s talking mince Denmark 5.8 m , Croatia 3.8m and then there is Iceland which has around 340,000 …population size has nothing to do with success on the pitch.Lack of guile, skill, tactics and belief has everything to do with it

Down to coaching. Huge decline over the decades. I remember when the best players and mangers were coming into the old first division. Absolute quality. Technically gifted, players could go past players by skill and not by being faster. Bring back street and park football for the youngsters and you’ll start producing naturally gifted press resistant players. Instead of the robots most country’s now produce.

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