Graeme Souness Reveals What it’s Like Working with Roy Keane

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The former Scottish player and former Newcastle manager Graeme Souness works with Roy Keane on Sky Sports and has given his say on what it’s like working with the former Manchester United captain.

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“He is desperate to get back,” Souness told OTB AM.

“He’s a football man and I have spoken with him about returning to management. He is very keen to do that.

“Can you imagine how good it would have been if it was Roy Keane vs Steven Gerrard in Glasgow?

“All of a sudden, it wouldn’t just be Scotland, Ireland and a wee bit of England talking about Scottish football, the world would be talking about it.

“It would have been great for Scottish football.”

“I know Roy, we live near each other in Cheshire and I’ve waved to him a few times when he’s been out walking his dog,” Souness added.

“I enjoy his company, he is very funny and I find his humour very funny.

“I can’t hide my feelings. I’d be a very poor poker player, Roy would be hopeless at it too.”

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