Graeme Souness is set to get the boot from Sky Sports

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The former Ranger and Scotland player Graeme Souness has been with Sky Sports for 16 years and it’s been reported online today that the former Liverpool midfielder is set to retire at the end of the season.

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Whether you like him or not you got to respect he always calls the game the way he sees it. It’s a shame really if he goes, the PC culture seems to be getting too much nowadays. I’m sure TalkSPORT or someone else in the media game will give him a platform to voice his opinion.

He’s a top notch pundit still to this day and we wish the very best of luck wherever he goes, Maybe over to Pogba in Juventus..


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  1. People are allowed an opinion or to nake a comment if people like the p c or woke and easily offended group font like it tough and get aoie and don’t tell anybody what to do or think and that go6 for thr cancel culture as well

  2. So it seems the woman player Beth England has got her way. I hope she’s proud of herself and her super woke ways. She’s a disgrace.

  3. Suspect, he’ll be replaced by a black lesbian female former professional to keep the Woke brigade happy

    1. And that’s the problem doesn’t matter if they’re a good no nonsense say it how it is pundit as long as we keep the woke brigade happy

  4. Do we really need ANY high paid (funded by us) former footballers telling us what we have just seen with our own eyes. Cancel all pundit contracts, reduce the subscriptions the public pay and show Tom and Jerry cartoons at half time?

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