James McClean bites back at Graeme Souness over the poppy situation

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It’s that time of the year, poppy time and Derry and Ireland’s James McClean always comes under the spotlight this time of the year for his stance on the poppy.

Speaking on TalkSport this week former Liverpool and Rangers manager Graeme Souness was commenting on the Derry native stance and told him to ‘get on with it’ and never mind the abuse. James McClean must have been listening because he texted into the show and replied

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‘Can you tell Mr Souness with regards to his ‘get on with it’ advice – I got on with it for a very long time until it became not just me but my family.

‘It is one thing taking abuse, but when your family gets involved, it means a totally different thing. I would suggest if he’s not in a position to talk about it as I am, then he doesn’t appreciate the level of abuse I have to endure.’

Souness replied

“I accept that. Once it impacts on your family, it must be very difficult. But this is something he has to deal with.

“This was his choice. Maybe he should go back to when he first made this stance, maybe someone said, ‘This will not just be about you, going forward’. And that is the case.”

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    1. Aye a ware mine tae cos am a pure bRitish and don’t mix wi kafflicks…

      David have a good look at yourself you clown.

    2. He’s Irish. British troops have murdered his people why should he wear a poppy? The poppy is now a statement of war since the RAF started putting on fighter jets

      1. Was there not a lot of irish Catholics fought and died in the 2 world wars ? Should there not be respect for them or does James mc clean think its all about ira shme and disrespectful of him and he wonders about the abuse think about that

      2. And how many Irish has murdered British troops and civilians so that’s a poor excuse and a lot of Irish whent and fought in the war they volunteerd so its water under the bridge so let’s forgive and forget I have and have a lot of Irish friends. I even let a Irish nurse who comes over to work three or four times a year and stay with my partner and I free of charge food included

    3. Good for you. Your fellow city men weren’t shot dead by the people this blood soaked flower represents

      1. That blood soaked flower as you call it does not represent the British , it is a small remembrance token to all those who died in the wars , English , Scottish , welsh , Irish , India , Americans , Asians I could go on . It has absolutely nothing to do with religion and those who think that are idiots .

    4. Yeah and does anyone abuse you or your family for wearing it? Let the man make his own choice and live with it

    5. Originally the poppy was to commentate WwI 1 and WW2 which the vast majority of the World agree with but not to commentate all the murders that was carried out all over the world by your army just remind me again how many weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq to support your reasons for invading their Country

      1. I think you will find it was Bush and Blair who lied about that. Murder isn’t shooting someone who is shooting at you. Murder is blowing people up at a Cenotaph. Shooting unarmed civilians because they are a different religion to you. Blowing buses up that are carrying women and children. That’s murder.

    6. Your the bigger idiot for making comments like that, the fella has stood by his principles what is a lot more than probably you have ever done,

      1. Was there not a lot of irish Catholics fought and died in the 2 world wars ? Should there not be respect for them or does James mc clean think its all about ira shme and disrespectful of him and he wonders about the abuse think about that

    7. And entitled you are to do so. But I doubt you would be so minded to ‘remember’ a foreign nation’s armed forces had the killed innocent people – men, women & children. You people wearing the poppy have completely lost sight of the sacrifice you say soldiers made – for the very right to have the freedom to choose and not be castigated for doing so. He’s not an idiot he’s a man with principals and any statement he has made on the subject has been measured & respectful. The idiots are those who demonise him. FYI Nemanja Matić has never worn one for a similar reason…nothing ever mentioned about it.

      1. Do u know ur history of irish Catholics who fought and died in the wars shame on u with ur bigoted views leave it to protestants and decent people to remember these true soldiers no matter what religion

      2. Why shout about the cowardly ira when there was irish Catholics who were brave men fought and died in both world wars are you disrespectful of them like James mc clean and yourself

    8. Shame you didn’t take pride in your education. Who are you to tell anyone what they can and can’t say? Can and can’t WEAR?

    9. How is he an idiot ? He said Absolutely nothing about the poppy that was factually incorrect . He’s an idiot for getting caught with Pro IRA posts and selfies

      Wear your poppy with pride , but since you haven’t a scoobey doo as to what you are talking about … try to leave some mystery as your the level of your intelligence

  1. Do you expect him to commemorate the soldiers who came to his native and murdered many of his native people.Like he’ll he never will.

  2. An attention seeking prat. He refuses to wear a poppy, which is his prerogative, yet he is happy to glorify a terrorist organisation which murdered and slaughtered more of his fellow country men, women and children than all other groups combined.

    He is a Republican IRA propagandist who has no great reputation as a footballer but wants to be the centre of attention.

    I have no issues with someone who doesn’t want to wear a poppy. I wear mine as a mark of respect to those who fought and died for my freedom to choose to do so or not. However, McClean has proven he has no self respect and this in itself leads to a total lack of respect for others.

    1. So the republican grouo who’ve murdered more of his countrymen are who exactly? The british army over the course of 800 years have murdered way more. It isn’t just about the troubles it’s about the history of British involvement in Ireland. Why shouldn’t he take his stance on matters. Just to add you can shove yer fuckin poppy up yer arse. No bloodstained poppies wanted

    2. Like you Steve I wear my poppy to remember the fallen, but, in contrast, he does the same by not wearing one. You have to remember, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Both sides have undertaken heinous acts through history, so to pillory him for his reasons is a little unjust.

    3. Freedom… The ww1 human meat grinding slaughter had nothing to do freedom it was more about Three Inbred so called Royal Familys carving up Contenents and Occupying Plundering and inslaving to Expand their wealth and Empires and d to maintain their lavish Existence, two of those dynasties where rightly banished to history overthrown by the working classes who’s lives where Decimated by the Holocaust that was WW1 fough by the working classes.

    4. You are forgetting about the British Troops who murdered indiscriminately in Northern Ireland and blamed the IRA for their murders.

    5. When the USA says jump you ask how high.now go get you’re weapons of mass destruction, murder a million while you do it. Run from Iraq run from Afghanistan, spare me you’re democracy.

    6. ThE poppy is nothing more than an artifice to ensure that you and other working class fools “gloriously die for your country “ whenever the aristocracy and the plutocrats deem it necessary
      Lest we forget
      Bloody Sunday
      Burntollet Bridge
      Ballymurphy massacre
      McGurks bar

    7. Why shout about the cowardly ira when there was irish Catholics who were brave men fought and died in both world wars are you disrespectful of them like James mc clean and yourself

    1. I wouldn’t expect an Afghan, Iraqui or Syrian footballer to wear a poppy, so why should you expect an Irishman, who grew up near to where the 14 civilians murdered by British soldiers in 1972, to wear one?

    2. Is matic an Irish republican that has no respect for Irish Catholics who fought and died in the wars along with British soldiers shows what pricks and direspectfull james mc clean and rest these ira bigots are

  3. He publicly got his family involved when he posted himself with a balaclava on giving his children a history lesson. What does he expect all the other catholics can wear they’re poppies without the fuss. What makes him any different deserves all he gets..

    1. what the fuck has it to do with catholics ya bigoted clown,really showing your ignorance and secterianism,

  4. He used his kids in one of his posts when he had a balaclava on. Keep your family out of it. Silly boy.

  5. As ever I support people who refuse to wear a poppy!!
    It represents 800 years of imperialism and theft and culture of Gaelic Ireland.
    England, get to hell out of Ireland

  6. So you would want him to wear a poppy just to appease the british ???
    Those days of making people do what YOU want are over, why don’t you just appreciate people have different opinions and should not be abused verbally or physically over it ! And that is the Case.

  7. You reap what you sow snowflake! Typical Republican playing the victim card, after he started it with his abhorrent views and his continual disrespect for anything to do with the Crown.

    Go back and play in the League of Ireland and get paid in euros, then we can all be happy, as you’ll be in the backwater that you deserve!

    1. No it isn’t. The poppy is for remembering all the fallen; including opponents. And the futility of war. It’s not about the rights or wrongs of any conflict, & it’s certainly not triumphalism.

  8. The poppy is red because it’s blood stained all Irish people killed by British occupation of Ireland and Britain has done this all around world like Iraq Afghanistan IRELAND

  9. It’s all about choice! People shouldn’t have to wear a poppy, even the fact soldiers were forced into providing poppies because the govt did not look after soldiers returning from wars, should make you question why!

  10. My understanding has always been that the poppy remembers those who fought and died that others might have freedom – and among those who died in the trenches were soldiers from right across the whole of the island of Ireland. Whichever side of the political divide they came from to go to war, should they not be remembered?

  11. The man is from Derry , British troops killed people on its streets , why the hell would he wear a poppy ? Just leave the man and his family alone

  12. i walked the streets and look around,how many of the so called british people who your soldiers died for wear a poppy,theres more people dont wear them than do,so walk down your main street and shout and ridicule all your neighbours ha ha ha ha

  13. When a pope dies and every year you celebrate it with a cross on your strip would everyone from Briton wear it

  14. ThE poppy is nothing more than an artifice to ensure that you and other working class fools “gloriously die for your country “ whenever the aristocracy and the plutocrats deem it necessary

  15. Anybody that wants to wear their poppies do so if they want. I myself wouldn’t wear one I don’t understand why I should have to wear something I don’t want to. Would everybody in britain wear an Easter Lily at Easter to honour the dead from the Easter rising in 1916 I’d think not!!!!!!

  16. Should we not wear a a different coloured poppy for those poor souls that were so tragically murdered and butchered on that horrific day “Sunday Bloody Sunday” Innocent people on a peaceful march shot down by “The Parachute Regiment” these orders given by order of there commanding officer and or brigadier whilst sitting in there company HQ command office, Those so brutally murdered in cold blood didn’t even have a bloody pen knife between them, Those soldiers (ie) Captain, Staff Sargeant and there men were given an order to fire on these innocent people for absolutely no reason, Some of these squaddies looked at each other knowing if we do not carry out this order they would be banished from their Battalion if they didn’t carry out this order and would also Been court martialled under military law, Again they looked at each other as if to say who is going to fire first and as soon as one of them put his finger on the finger of his (SLR) releasing the firing pin as soon as the first one fired others followed suit knowing yes knowing the atrocities that would follow for decades to come, Those squaddies and there staff sergeant know to this very day what they had done and I make no bones about they murdered and massacred all those poor innocent people on a peaceful protest march, Please this isn’t about “The IRA this is about those who had been shot down in cold blood by our very own members of the “British Armed Forces which so happened to be at that specific time “The Parachute Regiment” Members Who Wore The Coveted Red Beret which unfortunately was the same colour of the blood that flowed from all those poor innocent souls, Yet nothing absolutely nothing has been done and or said about this massacre and we all know the real reason why, The officer who had given the order to shoot, Just how could he put his head on his pillow and sleep restful at night in his nice cosy comfortable pillow and cosy bed and not even given a second thought for what he had done absolutely barbaric and Disgraceful decision to kill and murder innocent people on a peaceful protest march, Those Paratroopers involved on that fateful day couldn’t get away from that area quick enough after what they had done and yes they all knew exactly what they had done and of course yes [IT] Did affect them not only at that time but still haunts some of them today, Let’s not forget they were soldiers given an order by there (OC) and yes they had to obey that order and couldn’t refuse, Once there was some words from a song from many years ago when two brothers got together one who was in the armed services and the other one was a civilian and those words being,(What would you do with a gun in your hand whilst facing a hundred odd kids) said by the brother who was a civilian to his brother who was a British soldier, Really makes you think back to that fateful day, [SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY] Again this was not about [THE IRA] this was about [THE PARACHUTE REGIMENT] & Obviously All those that were [SHOT DOWN, KILLED & MASSACRED IN COLD BLOOD] At the end of the day this was about all those [INNOCENT PEOPLE] So please do not make out this was about “The IRA” or any other faction of any other group etc
    Pleas for one moment lets just take a moment for all those poor innocent souls so brutally murdered and that poor priest waving a [WHITE HANDKERCHIEF] In his hand & I am not trying to get away from those that perished that day, But quite honestly (IF) you had spoken to those “Paras” involved in the shooting at that time each of them would have given you the same answer (ie) we were all given an order and we (Had) to carry that order out and or suffer the consequences that would affect not only us but affect all of our families for years to come, But as I say I am not detracting from the atrocities which they all had committed on that day now known to this very day as

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