Davy Fitzgerald has an Interesting take on Gearóid Hegarty’s Red Card

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The former Wexford, Clare and Waterford manager was on The Sunday Game highlights game and defended Gearóid Hegarty straight red card against Galway on Saturday night at the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick. Hegarty was sent off for a swing of his hurl and it was 100% a red card. Davy Fitzgerald shares and interesting insight into it though.

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You’ll see this incident here, and looking back it here tonight, 100 per cent it is a red card. It is a high challenge around the head. Gearóid is a serious player but you cannot condone that.

In another way, it has been simmering over the last year and there have been a few of those tackles.

But I think going forward this will stand to him, I really believe he will learn from it and it won’t happen during the year. Another thing is that I don’t want to take away that edge. A small bit lower on the tackle and you can have that, you just have to be careful on that head space and you can’t go near that space.

I would still like to see Limerick play with that edge and go at it. Especially Gearóid, he’s that type of player. Just a small bit lower on the tackle and he’ll be fine.

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