Gary Neville gives puzzling analysis of Romelu Lukaku, explains why he failed at Valencia

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Gary Neville has given a puzzling analysis of Romelu Lukaku’s second stint at Chelsea, the kind which explains exactly why he failed at Valencia.

Neville, who appears on our TV screens on a weekly basis pretending that he knows anything at all about football, exposed his limited knowledge after taking the manager’s job at Valencia and ultimately going down as the worst manager in Spanish football history.

He boomeranged back into his punditry role at Sky Sports, where he persists with his delusion that he has even a scrap of integrity remaining in the game after his rotten stint at the Estadio Mestalla.

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Any viewers still paying extortionate monthly subscriptions to hang on his and Jamie Carragher’s every word ought to have a serious think about his recent comments about Romelu Lukaku, which further expose how little he knows about the game.

Of course, as we all know, Chelsea press from the front as aggressively as any other team in the Premier League. It’s the foundation of Thomas Tuchel’s philosophy and we don’t understand for a second how Neville hasn’t noticed that.

In addition, how can there be any argument that Chelsea “supply chances” when Lukaku famously had seven touches of the ball in a game? The main problem here has not been Lukaku, it’s been Chelsea’s inability to provide him with the right service.

Before Neville opens his mouth on subjects of his nature, he really ought to sit and think, or watch some actual football, before pulling nonsense opinions out of his backside. He’s surely on borrowed time with Sky Sports…

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