🚨ITV called out by former England player for still giving Gareth Thomas a role in their RWC coverage

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Former Leicester Tigers and England Out-half Andy Goode has called out ITV for giving former Welsh full-back Gareth Thomas a punditry role on their Rugby World Cup coverage.

The former Lions captain was involved in a major scandal a few years ago and you can be sure ITV know all about that..

See some of the comments below;

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I’m relieved he isn’t picking the half backs with him wanting to play Costello over biggar

Diversity …

Agreed, he is a disgrace.
Exactly what I thought! Lots of TV people have lost their jobs for a lot less
ITV’s cheerleading studio ‘experts’ are very annoying. Same with the England game. How about some independent voices.
It’s ridiculous. Very poor from the broadcaster.
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  1. Probably jealous because isn’t good enough to be a pundit. He seems to have an ignorant view on anything rugby but not farrell. Who exactly is he. Under performed ex rugby player who was not any good.

  2. This is simply a mess of a website in a poor format and is simply giving a voice to grumpy and perhaps “confused” rugby fans.

  3. What about Lawrence Dallaglio who is on itv while he hasn’t paid his tax bill properly and is being investigated by HMRC!!!!

  4. Andy Goode the openly staunch Tory The party that have parties will rest of us couldn’t attend funerals or visit relatives in homes or hospitals. The party of sleeve corruption and exploitation

  5. I don’t want to listen to a man who knowingly infected an ex partner with a frightening disease. Without that partners knowledge. He gave his partner no respect yet we are supposed to respect his opinion on TV.

    1. You have a remote control haven’t you.?Thats what people use when they don’t want to watch a certain programme.?

    2. He didn’t. That’s what the media has told you. He’s a personal friend of mine and his ex partner is a nasty, horrible piece of work. Nothing he has said is true.

  6. I’m sorry but I can’t have any respect for a man, who knowingly infects his partner with such a dreadful disease, the man should have no place on our television screens, end of

  7. First Welsh player to reach 100 cspd
    14th in list of international try scorers
    3rd in Wales list of try scorers. Nope not any good. Check the facts before showing your bias

  8. Grow up your all adults
    crying as England are below Wales in the table
    The media loves a good personal story
    When you have represented your country and done as much has he has then make a comment until then keep your nasty homophobic comments to uoursel

    1. Yep. The world rankings are the reason… not someone knowingly spreading HIV to his ex-partner and not telling them. You moron.

  9. Grow up Andy Goode, he was a proper rugby player with 100 caps, come back when you have reached that pinnacle which will never happen.

    1. Well said Mal…do I sense homophobic undertones from a failed player who could never accomplish what GT did in his career. The programme is about the rugby..not the pundits personal lives…if that was the case LD has a chequered history I am sure the public would thrive on hearing lol…..Go Gareth🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 and I am 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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