🚨Umpire coming under heavy fire for shocking decision in the Westmeath vs Clare match 😬

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One user on Reddit isn’t one bit happy with one of the umpires that was behind the goal for Westmeath vs Clare at the weekend in Cusack Park.

Westmeath managed to get the win, but this moment didn’t go the way of the men from the Banner and cost them the game big time, take a look below and see what you think of it and the comments to go with it ..

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When can we get umpires who actually know the game and are actually useful
byu/Shane_Ef inGAA

David Murnane Cork was the ref. Shocking decision that would have won the game for Clare.

Half the goals scored these days a palmed in from a foot out from the line and there is never a mention of square ball. The ref had full vision to make that call himself in my opinion.

Do you umpire? Who would want to do it and take the abuse they take?

There is a Clare player standing in the middle of the square when the ball is played. I don’t believe that the rule makes any allowances for whether he scored the goal or was just standing there. It’s a free out just for being in there.

I have no skin in this game either way but it’s a hard enough game to referee without people abusing the officials for a correct call.

The rule says: “A player may enter the opponents’ small rectangle:

DURING PLAY (FOOTBALL) – After the final play of the ball into the small rectangle”

Is square ball not only in play if it is from a free but if the ball is in play then there is no square ball?

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