🚨Galway supporters believe they should have a free before the red card for another incident ..

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Galway crashed out of the Championship at the weekend at the hands of Dublin, Galway’s David Burke received a straight red card and it played a huge part on the deciding of game. But a lot of people believe Galway should have had a free before that ..

See the tweet below and some of the comments underneath ..

😂 a thrown ball does not equate to a shoulder in the chin… get a grip… both a scourge on the game, I agree… but to suggest that a thrown ball negates the man getting a shoulder in his chin is borderline comical…

Two wrongs don’t make a right. Burke is unquestionably one of the cleanest players around. But regardless of when Dub player released pass, Burke connected wrong, whether or not intended that way

Unfortunately, red was proper call

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