🚨Viewers were annoyed with the stunt that Armagh did during the Galway match as officials has to get involved ..

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Armagh really mean business this year and are going to take a lot of beating as they hope to do a lot better this year compared to last years.

During their match today against Galway they did the old stunt of staying in the dressing room as bit too long, the match referee had to go in and get the players out ..

See some of the commentary below ..

Didn’t take long for the dirt to come out in Armagh in the 2nd half

A simple fix for this,ref blows whistle allows 1 minute for both teams to be on the field then throws it in.If one team is still in the dressing room then they will concede a goal,bet it would stop instantly.

I was at the game. That was actually his second time to go to the Armagh dressing room. He had went to both the Galway and Armagh dressing room before that Galway came out straight away Armagh stayed on.

Carmen played Galbally in the league Friday night. Their res and Snr team took the piss at half time also. It’s a thing apparently.

It happened a few times to them in 2003 against Dublin and Limerick, they were at that craic all the time back then


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