🚨 BIG BREAKING News Coming out of the GAA & Its TV coverage

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After nine years the GAA and Sky Sports have parted ways, it caused huge controversy when it was announced originally that Sky were going to be showing games. But now I’m sure a lot of people will be delighted that they won’t be on a channel that you have to pay for.

Pity in one way, because Sky Sports grew the GAA out to a whole new different audience that never saw the games or wouldn’t normally watch them. I’m sure a few dinosaurs around the country will be delighted this evening..

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Its this a good day for the GAA or bad? There will be a lot of money lost from the Sky Sports deal..

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  1. Unwelcome news. Sky had some superb punditry with refreshing challenging discussions before each game.
    Now left with RTE and its bland tired coverage, with its question and answer styled punditry.

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