🚨Pat Spillane goes in on Johnny Sexton after ‘pure gobbledygook’ statement 😬

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The eight time All-Ireland winner Pat Spillane goes in on the former Ireland and Leinster captain Johnny Sexton for his Instagram post, post Rugby World Cup. The Kerry man Spillane was wiring in his piece in the Sunday World and said the following;

I was taken aback by his retirement statement would be the understatement of the month.

He said that four years ago the Irish squad had sat down and spoke about what they wanted to achieve.

“Our main motivation and objective was to inspire the nation. I think we have achieved that. We lost, but we won,” said the statement.

What? We lost, but we won?

This was the most un-Sexton quote ever. It is pure gobbledygook which might be normal coming from some PR guru, but not from a born winner.

Christ, can you imagine Jack O’Connor and the Kerry players telling the Kerry fans “we lost, but we won” after being beaten by Dublin in the All-Ireland final? They would have been ran out of the county if they were foolish enough to make such a statement.

I suppose his statement reflects the stark difference between how Gaelic football (and hurling) is perceived in Ireland compared to rugby.

The rugby fraternity appear to be happy with world rankings and wins in autumn Tests.

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  1. Pat Spillane you should be taken out and whipped,you did not understand what Johnny said. He and his team did inspire the nation.i was in hospital for some matches..patients were watching matches huddled around tvs,pat when you were playing you only had to beat 2 teams to win an allireland.if you beat cork you won munster and were playing in the semi final,usually a soft game for kerry.then you were into final you inspired no one.your own supporters got tired of welcoming you home.

  2. Yes Pat and this is why we have no decent soccer team. The GAA have the monoply when it comes to sport in this country and it is pushed upon every single individual in school and what do you get at the end of it all, maybe a free pint in your local if you are lucky. Your comments regarding Johnny Sexton’s post are laughable. As I’m sure many have pointed out to you, you played an amateur sport and never were and never will be held in the same regard as Johnny Sexton and all those wonderful rugby players who came before him and will come after him. The praise and hype you heap upon the Gaa and Kerry is ridiculous. Johnny Sexton is a professional rugby player who played for his country in a professional sport that is renowned all over the world. You played for your county, so please don’t compare the two because really there is no comparison. Well done to the magnificent Irish rugby team and Any Farrell who truly did inspire a nation. Pat, it is all “in your head” 😂😂

  3. I never played Rugby , only GAA AND FOOTBALL. HOWEVER IM amazed that Pat didn’t understand the message.

  4. Ridiculous comment. Why belittle the most popular sport in Ireland because it’s an amateur game. Most Rugby players in Ireland are still amateurs.

  5. Yes I think they showed that the Irish ☘️ rugby team are the best they beat the winner South Africa in their game and every other game they played except that last game they played just not their day as it has often happens on finals you don’t know what your talking about. Johnny Sexton is a hero and all of the Irish team 👏👏👏.

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