Former Kilkenny Great thinks the Kerry Hurlers are Getting ‘Shafted’

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The former Kilkenny hurler Jackie Tyrrell believes the Kerry are being treated unfairly speaking on RTE and quoted by he had this to say;

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It doesn’t make sense. There is definitely a double standard. They need to look at that and change it.

For a competition that you’re trying to promote and drive that you still have to play a play-off.

If they do beat Antrim it will leave a sour taste in their mouth if they’re beaten by Tipperary then.

They’re not really rewarded for Joe McDonagh, there’s no progression for them. And that’s what we need in hurling. Giving our weaker teams a chance to get up to Liam MacCarthy, test themselves against the best and try to move on…

I do accept that Munster is an awful lot more competitive [but] that’s just the dynamic of it.

You can use it to your advantage. If you do come out in the top three in Munster, by God you’re going to have been tested.

You look at Kilkenny now, they don’t know where they are going into a Leinster final.

But are we going to get the best four teams in the All-Ireland semi-finals? Yeah. Will the All-Ireland winners be the right team? Yeah.

I don’t think you need to go messing if you want to retain the provincial championships, which I think there still is a strong appetite for.

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