Ursula Jacob Comes in for Hammering on The Sunday Game Panel

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Who would want to go on The Sunday Game panel, I just hope their paying them enough… Because it seems everyone on social media has an opinion on how they do their job and share their views. Former Wexford camogie player Ursula Jacob is the latest one to come in for heavy criticism on The Sunday Game panel.

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It’s going to make for a cracking final whoever Kilkenny face either, Galway or Limerick, surely we’ll get a closer semi-final today at the GAA HQ? Will it be John Kiely’s Limerick in the final facing the Cats looking to win their third All-Ireland in a row or will it be Shefflin vs Cody Part three.

I would love a Kilkenny v Galway once again…

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  1. Galway v Limerick was a great match. Pity Galway had so many wides. Played great hurling though. We’ll b back.

    1. Very well said. We were the better team in the second half. Too many wides and some very suspect refereeing cost us……Again, what is it about us and referees….played exceptionally well.

  2. Is that the best article you can come up with. Bad enough there are so many trolls on the internet but for a media outlet to give them a voice is very disappointing and shows little imagination from someone obviously better suited to writing a gossip column.

    1. Agreed, absolute piffle. Additionally the setup of the live games presentation under Ms.Cantwell is awful. Please put the commentators sitting down with an impartial moderator.

    2. Well said, the games should be doing the talking not supporters probably on the wrong end of the results with nothing better to say.

  3. Agree. Repeating personal insults from anonymous trolls on twitter and calling it news is barrel scraping. You should be ashamed of this

  4. Agree with DK, she has a wexford accent which I happen to like. I wouldn’t be the biggest fan of a Clare accent but it’s horses for courses on accents, there is no correct accent to have. Not an article for sports pages, or any pages for that matter.

  5. “I just hope their paying them…”

    If you must print pointless muck like this, any chance of finding someone even semi literate to write it?

  6. Ursula Jacob is a knowledgeable intelligent analyst. Well done Ursula. Keep it up. Shame on the keyboard warrior (coward)

  7. Time for this bullying to end.
    Ursula is a brilliant analist.
    In my opinion she is being targeted because she is female.

  8. Cork need to look seriously at the goalkeeper position
    What is it with goalkeepers nowadays who go to ground instead of standing tall to face shots?

  9. Jackie Tyrell seems to have found chinks in Limericks armour all of a sudden and feels cats can bully the treaty boys..That may well have been the case in first half in 2019 but highly unlikely to succeed in two weeks time..It remains to be seen where the most chinks will appear..Jackie is a brilliant analysis pundit but steady up Jackie….

  10. Why the hell are you giving trolls, Faidhlim Kelly and John Ronayne, this coverage and framing it as a genuine article!

  11. Pathetic article. 1 comment about being able to turn her off??? Get outta here BW.

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