🚨Referee in the midlands has a nightmare during the throw in .. 😬

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There was a club match up in Tipperary at the weekend and this referee got a bit too close to the throw in .. Have a look at it below and see the comments underneath ..


Laois Club Hurling “Stand well back Ref and throw in the f***king ball”

♬ original sound – The Premier ‘View’

Not an one bit of empathy here. Just ask is he okay instead of laughing.

I love the way no one offers any help to him

Diving has become a serious problem in the modern game

And not a sinner rushes to his aid . As Michael Martin said ” where is the Humanity “

not v funny people on side line at least could went to see he ok

Should get a yellow for diving

this is what GAA is all about. Inbred muck savages looking to hurt people.

It says a lot that nobody went to help him. Then People wonder why Sports can’t get Refs.

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