🚨The GAA had another nightmare this weekend in one of their key matches ..

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Another weekend of GAAGO controversy as one viewer wasn’t happy when the coverage froze in the Mayo vs Derry game ..

Take a look at the tweet below with some of the comments underneath ..

Also, not near the number of cameras/angles as when on tv. I don’t mind paying but the product has to be quality. So often it’s like a wedding video from the 80s
I had no issues either. Would it be a provider issue? I saw others complaining.
Working perfect for me throughout with no issues – What’s your internet speed like? That’s usually the issue when there’s buffering or RAM on device.
Lucky for you the brutal commentary wasn’t as prolonged as it was for the rest of us. How did the ref get away with one of the worst decions ever (pen) without barely any criticism.
Somewhere in the t+c pay per view is defined as the ability to see an image, not necessarily a moving one.
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