🚨The GAA had a shocker this weekend & the supporters showed their dismay big time .. 😬

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Things are really starting to heat up in the football Championship with this weekend being the first weekend of the group stage. Believe it or not though, the attendances at some of the weekend’s games was extremely poor to say the least ..

Killing provincial championships will kill Football
Big crowd at Connacht rugby v a team from South Africa (On Tv Rte & Premier sports) 15k at Leinster v Ulster
Look at madness of Gaa Monaghan Cavan & Derry fans and expected to travel for afternoon Sat games. They didn’t & won’t

Teams out again twice in 3 weeks and guaranteed that one of them two will play the week after that again

Money only goes so far. Derry to Galway is probably an over night stay

Monaghan to Galway definitely is.

The championship is so tight it hasn’t a chance to breathe

It doesn’t help when we know with almost certainty who is going to qualify out of each group. Top 2 into 1/4s would make it more interesting

1/ Have you measured the GAAGo viewership?

2/ Kerry fans don’t even turn up at Croker for SF’s.

3/ And where is the infrastructure? Derry -> Salthill or Monaghan -> Kenmare. That’s roughly 4 hrs , no?

Derry Galway was a brilliant match.

There advertising of the games and promotions of the games is appalling always has been in the GAA that’s one problem hype the shit out of these games even if we know the results not one add would you see on tv about these games shocking

It’s not the format.. football can’t be looked at.. this sideways passing and blanket defence is brutal

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  1. Yeah I watched the rugby yesterday two games scanned the channels for GAA no games on although many football games on but no couldn’t see any of them,so disappointing having spent many years coaching and administration but the day wasn’t today wasted my 5 year old grandson played in a blitz in the morning and to them all enjoyed themselves and the amount of volunteers (parents) no doubt three clubs participated and I think my daughter was one of the organisers doing what I did for many years and now in my 70s can’t get some of the best games on TV by the way Fibre broadband hasn’t come my way yet and I’m not living in the sticks as they say only 25 minutes from city centre

  2. Unfortunately GAA Jarlath Burns is burning us fans. Race to the bottom I’m afraid. Old people and grassroots totally forgotten and even worse disregarded!! My Dad must be turning in his grave!!

  3. Time out for GAA heads, Rugby and Soccer taking over,
    How can you expect GAA players to play every week and not get paid? It’s time now for players to rise up and demand wages for themselves,
    gAAGo ( Grab All Association Go ) RTE no better as they need the spondulicks to pay the high wages of their mediocre presenters,

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