🚨The GAA Called out for lack of empathy towards the old and vulnerable

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The GAA have come under a bit of fire from Joanne O’Riordan in The Irish Times today for their lack of empathy towards the old and vulnerable.

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“But I can also see more people struggling with it, especially vulnerable people within the GAA. I’ve witnessed older men at turnstiles with cash hoping to buy a ticket, ticket vans abandoned nearby, tempting those who haven’t lived with technology and are therefore afraid of it.

The idea of having the GAA go paperless is, in theory, good. The execution in practice has been far from ideal.”

Should the GAA have an option for those that can’t buy online to also but at the gate…? Probably not! You have to move with the times and if you don’t have a smart phone nowadays..


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  1. I completely agree they have not considered how the older generation are not tech savvy! I teach a basic technology class where we go through phone, laptops, tablets etc. for the older generation and you’d be so surprised at how afraid they are to use these things, most aren’t even able to send a simple text message! Some don’t have bank accounts! So how they expect them to be able to navigate there way around the GAA website is beyond me, a complete joke if you ask me!

  2. Leah, I totally agree! My last job involved computers so I have some basic knowledge, but this does not mean that I feel totally comfortable using my tablet or mobile phone……my son, fortunately, helps whenever
    I ask but, on my own, I could fall victim to scamming or one of hundreds of unsafe actions that might compromise my finances etc. etc. Cash is still legal tender and should be accepted by all……..

  3. Just have someone at the gate willing to accept their cash and buy them a ticket there and then, or someone nominated from each club to do so prior to games

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