Former Cork Hurler Speaks a Rock of Sense After ‘Disgusting’ Eye Gouge Incident

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We witnessed a cracking game of football between Galway and Armagh but the one down point in the game was at full-time when a fight broke out and one of the players in the Armagh camp eye gouged Galway’s Damian Comer. There will be a big ban coming for this lad and rightly so.

After the game a lot of former players took to their twitter to share their opinion and one of them was former Cork hurler and football Eoin Cadogan. And he simply can’t believe why both teams go down the same tunnel.

“Biggest stadium we have and we put both sets of teams on the same side going in the same entrance with tempers and emotions high. Not condoning what happened but common sense would eliminate a lot of these incidences. Put one team in the Hogan and one in the Cusack”

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The GAA probably do need to sort out this situation.

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  1. The gaa have ruined and demoralised football and hurling I mean ask yourself why did they call it football the answer is in the question football as in foot its now like handball and hurling is the same except its like rugby you throw the ball I played both back in the day and enjoyed playing now I don’t even enjoy watching them especially football it is so boring just like soccer and on another note Galway and Antrim are not Leinster county’s so should not be participating in said province if they reverted back to the original format of the 4 province’s on a knockout basis for championship hurling you would not have as many red and yellow cards either

    1. It’s no longer sportsmanship but hybrid game of handball/football with a bit of all in wrestling thrown in. It’s an ugly game which should be binned.

    2. So you didnt witness the cracking munster final limerick v clare.imerick has brought hurling to a different level.gaa football will always be in its shadow. Hurling is far more skillfull,even with sticks there are far less outbreaks of aggro as you see in football.

  2. Here we go again every one talking about the eye gouge on Sunday whats going to be done about probably nothing ‘
    Just go back 2 weeks ago and look at what a clare Hurler don to a Limerick Hurler and got away with it and is still playing any player that that brings a hurley down on player with his back to him should not be allowed on a field and the same goes for people who eye Gouge ‘ hurling in my eyes is the greatest game in the world and we have to stop these so call hurlers and footballs from destroying your game.

  3. Cowardly act 3 men holding Galway man, then he does that , ugly to see a fella player do that to another,

  4. Did not like the clot shot reference? Well you will not like what is coming in September when the vax really kicks in. 700 athletes gone or compromosed over the last year. I suggest you take the coming booster. It will help us all.

  5. Typical northern teams Tyrone and armagh noted for dirty play bad losers ,Armagh should be banned from next yrs all Ireland pure SCUM even their supporters were fuelled with booze before the match very intimidating im glad Galway sent them packing up to the bandit country, and I’m neutral….

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