🚨New special committee led by Jim Gavin looking at making three big changes to the game of Gaelic football ..

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This is great news .. The game of Gaelic football has had a tough time of late with some awful matches being played out and Pat Spillane famously calling some of the Northern teams ‘puke football’.

Well this new committe are looking to make three big changes, that’s according to The Irish Examiner

  1. Awarding two points for long-range scores

  2. Requiring that three players from both teams remain in each half at all times

  3. A clock/hooter to end all games

This committee will be led by former Dublin manger Jim Gavin along with others ..

We welcome these changes, when Gaelic football is played well it’s a good game to watch. The GAA just have to change the rules to go with the times, just like the rugby are constantly changing the laws of their game.

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  1. It’s about time that women’s football is also updated the reason no one will watch is because it’s too soft the rules need to be lessened and tackles allowed to be harder at least at senior level . The excuse of girls getting hurt is rubbish as it is a girl vs a girl, there won’t be massive differences in strength. Maybe keeping the current rules for minor and below teams is a good idea as it allows girls to develop their skills and injuries will be less likely and by the time they reach senior and junior level they will be strong enough to hold their own. Womans sport is advancing across the world except here and we need these changes if we want to grow the sport and opportunities for young players.

  2. No 1not that important
    No 2 That could be a Dasey cutter ?
    No 1 Three players always in both ends.
    What would be the Punishment for each of above. I can’t see it working at Club level

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