Former Tyrone Legend Tries to Defend the Eye Gouge & Receives Some Vile Abuse

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The former Tyrone forward Owen Mulligan took to his twitter to give his opinion on the eye gouging incident that took place and the all out brawl between Galway and Armagh at full-time in the quarter-final at Croke Park.

It was a cracking game of football between two great sides and it was a pity that this is the incident that everyone is talking about. The three time All-Ireland winner shared his opinion on twitter see it below;

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It’s going to make for two cracking semi-finals between Galway and Derry and Dublin v Kerry and it was an awful pity the that the Galway v Armagh will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

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  1. Eye gouge is an eye gouge. BUT all the actions were disgraceful, not just the eye gouge. Many appropriate sanctions needed, on both sides, if GAA is to be seen to have any morals or respectability accredited to it. Important decisions to come here. A defining moment.

  2. Come on, its the only thing worth watching in football these days. Let them at it. No one died. It’s part of the game. If we can’t have a punch up what’s the point of it.

  3. Why have John Byrne’s vile and racist comments not been taken down. Why is this platform condoning and supporting such abuse. Shame.

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