John Fury threatens to “BURY” Eddie Hearn after “disgusting” and “tasteless” comment

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John Fury has threatened to “bury” Eddie Hearn after the Matchroom chief call him out over comments at the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury press conference.

Big John caused controversy after suggesting that his son, Tommy, was going to knock Jake Paul out and then have sex with his girlfriend immediately after.

His comments were rather crass, but nothing we haven’t heard before at fight press conferences, not to mention it’s coming from John Fury, of all people.

Still, Eddie Hearn took issue with it, branding Fury’s comments “disgusting” and “tasteless,” a review that hasn’t been best appreciated by Big John.

He’s quoted by The Sun firing back at Hearn and vowing to “bury” him if he doesn’t think twice before he speaks in future.

“Eddie you have just got a problem with the Furys.”

“Because you aren’t getting paid by them so you are jumping on any floating log you can to discredit a Fury.”

“That is just you mate because you are Eddie the green-eyed monster.”

Is Eddie Hearn just JEALOUS of the Fury family?

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“Look in the mirror and have a long hard think about your life and family before you call out others. You know what I’m talking about.”

“If we don’t want to go any further say nice things about the Furys because John Fury will bury you, you will wish you will never have heard the name.”

“At the end of the day let’s be nice to each other and work together, let’s not be jealous of others hard work because Tyson is the best in the world.”

“He has proved it and he has had to earn his millions, so credit him not discredit him and you will go up in everyone’s estimations. It is bad to be jealous.”

With Tommy Fury not being as much of a character as his brother or father, he’s wheeled them out to do his share of the promotion for his bout with Paul.

We really shouldn’t be surprised if we hear John, Tyson or anyone with the Fury surname saying some outrageous stuff in the run-up to December 18th…

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