Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou: Fight between boxing and UFC heavyweight champs teased

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Tyson Fury has teased a future fight with UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou.

Fury and Ngannou are the reigning champions of the heavyweight division in their respective sports.

After Jake Paul birthed a craze of UFC fighters trying their luck in a boxing ring, we shouldn’t be surprised that a fight between Fury and Ngannou has been presented as a possibility.

The proposition from Fury’s side is not a conventional one, however. He took to Twitter to suggest that the pair should fight with boxing rules in force – but while wearing UFC gloves.

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That would, of course, let each man feel each other’s power more than they would while wearing boxing gloves. That would perhaps benefit Ngannou more than it would Fury.

While Fury has the superior boxing skillset and would be more than capable of outboxing the Cameroonian, Ngannou is more acclimatised to being hit in the face by the gloves worn in the UFC.

This is an idea to keep an eye on for the future, perhaps when both men are in need of a payday, but there’s little prospect of it being held anytime soon – unfortunately!