🚨People are raging at the decision World Rugby have made on the Freddie Steward Red Card

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England and Leicester Tigers full-back Freddie Steward has had his red card downgraded to a yellow card and won’t miss his next match, a big call made by the committee and one that is creating massive debate online.

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World Rugby is in a tough spot at the moment and it will be interesting how they handle the whole head clashes in the game. Safety has to come first and this is another example of World Rugby not having a clue what to do!

Does this undermine the officials in the game? It defiantly has everyone confused as the news was announced today. Freddie Steward will return to his club this week and will be a big player for England gong forward into the future.


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  1. Foul play should be defined as the “intent to cause injury” , Freddie stewards clash was just that, a clash ! and quite rightly be downgraded to a yellow . Yes , Clashes to the head do need to be stamped out but not to the expense of a player playing by the rules . Freddie steward was airborne at the time of the clash and as such couldn’t change direction , I defy anyone to actually be able to do so whilst in the air !

    1. That is the very reason I say it should be a red as he had jumped and turned with a leading elbow. Why did he not just take the impact in the midriff area, that would have stopped all the discussions. Pyper and the officials got it right.

  2. So when a player runs into one of his own players elbow who is trying to get out of his way is a red card, yellow card, or penalty even given????

  3. What is the point of having a referee lines person’s or var if the committee change the rules
    A red card is a red card and a yellow card is a yellow card. Get over it.

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