🚨Lampard Sacked, Appointed Interim-Interim Manager 37 Minutes Later

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Frank Lampard has been sacked for a second time by Chelsea, only to be appointed Interim-Interim Manager less than an hour later. The Londoner has yet to win a game since returning to Stamford Bridge.



“Mixed emotions,” Lampard told Soccer on Sunday. “Happy to be here, but it’s disappointing when anyone gets sacked — my heart goes out to me. But it’s my job now to pick up where the gaffer left off. Thankfully, that gaffer was me, so you’ve maybe got that continuity. As I say, it’s very straightforward.”

“It’s a fresh start,” said the 44 year-old. “Players who weren’t getting game time under Frank will probably be delighted he’s gotten the old heave-ho. On the other hand, some of those same players will probably be gutted to see me walking in. Because I can guarantee you one thing — they won’t be getting game time.”

“I’m a big boy,” he added. “Obviously it’s me next on the chopping block if results don’t improve. Would I answer the phone if that day comes, and Todd needs an Interim-Interim-Interim coach? I dare say I would.”

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  1. Hmm, very funny 😄

    Do you think sacking all the coaches can make things right, very confusing 😂🤷. You let the Lions leave your club, and you never thought of replacing them. very shameful 😳

    1. We only need a supper striker. Lukaku would miss chances but his presence around the 18 was more threat than Kai Herverts who’s handled like a baby by defenders. Of all the over hundred chances Kai was given, lukaku could have scored at least 20 goals.
      Then why put Kai to waste 90min and yet Felix can play that role better and be a threat to opponents more than Kai?
      I don’t understand why we sold Wanner and left Kai just because he scored in the UCL finals.

      Then our boss has money but no leadership and managerial skill at all. You sack a world-class coach to bring in a mid-table coach with no proven history and give him a 5yr contract. Who does that? This is the same mistake Barcelona did will Coman.
      Our new boss had no clue how to run a football club in a competitive league like EPL. Fans should contribute shares and buy our beloved club from this clueless American.

      1. The problems with you fans is that you can never be patient. Rome was not built in a day, Arteta is a living example. There’s no way you blame Graham Porter for Chelsea Woes. Agree Boehly made mistake sacking Tuchel if it’s not Tuchel it’ll be difficult for any other coach to perform any magic on those boys. Porter took Brighton to where they are now but Porter met a team that was already in chaos hence the reason Boehly embarked on that shopping spree buying players of quantity but no quality. It will take some time for those boys whom i describe as a coat of many colours to gel and start playing like a team. Yes they lost against Madrid but there was a lot of positive to take away from the match. The boys played better in the midfield especially, there was some sort of synchronization now between the midfield and the attack. The next step now is to bring in quality to the final third and that will improve over time before the season ends. I’m not even a Chelsea fan, I’m a Liverpool fan and i told Arsenal fans last 2 years same thing I’m telling you guys now. I saw,Arteta’s vision and i watched the progress even in matches that they lost. Look at Arsenal today. Whether Porter or Lampard is allowed to coach these boys they’ll still suceed ultimately if you have patience with them.

        1. Biodun Chelsea fans are agitating for any trophy but we don’t want to go lower division. With what is going on now in Chelsea, Championship is very close to Chelsea

        2. The same Arteta that’s about to lose the league. Just chill & focus more on your Liverpool club. If you o believe Porter & Lampard are good, you can sack Klop & sign any of them. We don’t need average coaches in Chelsea. We don’t have that patience to wait for 5 seasons before winning a trophy like you guys.

        3. To be a good coach is a gift and hardwork, because it entails a lot of expertise, experience, psychology and wisdom e.t.c.
          But blaming the fans isn’t right, because it is to travel and pay for a match or even payments at centres. Then your teams therefore plays like a secondary school students. For crying out loud, both the coaches and the players are professionals and they are equally paid high for their professionalism.
          Moreover Arteta is a better coach than Frank Lampard and Potter, because he learned from a super coach Pep, and even had an FA CUP to his belt within a short time; and it’s even from Lampard whom have a better players by then. Lampard still need to learn more from a superior coach. Don’t you see John Terry, he has learned a lot from other coaches.
          So therefore, the right thing must be hackened to early, in order to put things right as early as possible. Because if not done early, Chelsea fc case will turn to be like Leicester fc case soon.

      2. Sacking and replacing of coach is not the solution to our problem. We need a good striker and players who are like Milke Obi, players like Fabrigas who look for strikes with their long range not greedy players that we have now, all they want is to score by themselves making our strikes useless. Without this type of players, any striker they will bring will still be useless.

        1. Bro honestly we don’t have greedy players among the team. But I can tell you that some coaches style and pattern of playing those players are rubbish.
          Now given you some new players that we all know that when Chelsea went to buy this guy’s they were so hot and we go for them, only for most of them to come and be warming our bench bcos of some coaches interest in some players that are not giving results, yet they continue using them and continuing failing. Look at potter style and lampard style still same way. English coaches are not too good. My opinion

        2. You said it all bro, we have midfielders who can feed attackers, why not bring a vibrant and threatening attacker to frightened your opponents defence. Enzo is good from the middle, Kante is also good from the middle too, of course James is the best from the rightback, same as Chilwell. All these people needs is a finisher. That is where Manchester City hits it. They constantly allow their attacker to do the scoring. Victor Osimeh gets the glory because they feed him with the ball as an attacker. I remember those days when fabrigas was feeding Diego Costa. I remember when Mikel Obi, Ramires were feeding Didier Drogba. Please Todd, bring back our team we beg you, by giving us a striker, and educating every player to feed the striker on the pitch.

      3. Arsenal did that. Arteta is a coach with no experience whatsoever🤣🤣🤣🤣 but he’s not doing bad at all🏅🎖🥇

      4. Why are you blaming Kai, look at Sterling, Mount and even Felix. How many goals have they scored 🤔 and you are blaming the one who has more goals than all of them. The fact is that all our players are not doing well. Even Lukaku at inter is a bencher and Inter has no interest in signing him.

      5. You can imagine, Todd Boehly told Mendy to leave if Mendy wants to leave, because Mendy made demand for a salary competitive with that paid to Kepa. May be, he doesn’t know that Mendy is better than Kepa.

    2. The whole Chelsea teams it’s not performing well. Threatened them with wage cut and see what happens! Good luck!

  2. My heart goes out to all the Coaches who were recently at the Bridge but we’re sacked. My humble comment is about the sacking of TT. I think he should have been given some more time to sort things out. It would have worked well after all.
    Respect for the new owners, but please be patient with decisions you put out.

    1. Coach TT would have ruined Chelsea as well. He was luck to give Chelsea those trophies in his first season. Just watch his delivery in Bayern Munich. You may not understand now until he continues the next season. I know he won’t stay long coaching Bayern. I the owners sacking him.

        1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 you know you funny saying things like that. Man city gifted him the champions League trophy. Bro think we’ll o

        2. Guardiola Did all he could but the team of TT played according to instructions and that’s what brought the victory, seriously bro he would have done better

      1. TT was the one who put Chelsea on this mess, after destroying the team he used to win the champions league

    2. We need to thrash this narrative of “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. News flash……Chelsea isn’t Rome. The football heritage of this club atleast from the Abramovic era was to always compete. Mourinho once said “at the point where you start to accept mediocre performances and not demand wins’ then that’s when you become a smalller club”. And so what if Potter got Brighton to where they are as a team? Are we now measuring Chelsea with the likes of Brighton?

      There are different standards to be upheld in a team of Chelsea’s stature. You can’t go from winning the champions league, club World Cup and Uefa super cup to making excuses for a manager that got only 3 wins in 15.

      If you choose to accept such mediocrity that’s fine, but don’t blame other fans for not accepting it because they are used to the standards of Chelsea, they know the DNA of this club and it is not giving time to incompetent managers. We are not arsenal, no manager in Chelsea’s history since mourinho took over ever needed time to win atleast one trophy in their reign.

      1. I agree with your point. No manager since the departure of Mourihno needed time to win at least one trophy in a season

      2. Now this is what I’ve in my mind. They want to compare Chelsea like Arsenal, Liverpool & Man United that stays over 5 seasons without a silverware……God forbid bad thing.

      3. Your comment is one of the best comment here, infact it is the best, you have said it all the way it is.

  3. Great club all great coaches, best squad but the problem is team selection and play them right position. Especially goalkeeper, you have Best keeper Edward Mendy why all coaches kept him on the bench???? Because he is black 🖤, stop Racism…. Kepa Azzibalaga big big problem if you can check all the cheapest goals conceded.
    If you want white keeper you better play Third keeper

    1. Yes I agree with you 💯 KEPA is a big problem, he can’t win games for us goals that he can protect scores all the time so please bring back Mendy, forgive him of any wrong he has committed and save the teams image. Remember that he saved us on his arrival, goals that could have been concerned by KEPA were saved by Mendy. Bring back the best keeper to redeem the team.

      1. Our problem is scoring goals not conceding, We have one the least goals conceded but also one of the least goals scored.

      2. So heartbreaking how I watch my own team disappoint me week in week out. The new owners think it about spending big money. If you don’t spend the big money rightly, u will end up wasting ur money and getting no results. They should appoint a point man striker and a top class manager with the pedigree to handle a club like Chelsea. We are no small team for just any manager to be stepping in and out of the managerial seat of our great club.

      1. I agree on you kappa big problem coaches big problem too owner biggest problem. why Mendy is better than kappa we all know that during match time but he is not good on penalties. coaches also select best team with combination not your besties to play the game. Owner leave everything to the manager don’t give him formation all what you should want best result only then we will win the trophies

        1. You’re right but all in all you can’t keep on playing kepa when Mendy who shown himself during tuchel regeim is there sitting on the bench

    2. Does everything has to b about race with u guys… U saw how Mendy was stinking up the whole place before his injury. We all understand that kepa is not very good but Mendy is also having a bad season…. So as everyone connected with Chelsea…

    3. Keeping Mendy on the bench is not racism, he isn’t keeping for Senegal and that should tell you a thing, Kepa have been the most maligned goal keeper in Chelsea history and what do you want him to do? Catch balls magical when he has useless defense? He’s saved as much balls as other top goalkeepers and they don’t even get a 10 of the shots he has had to contend with!

    4. You have stated the obvious my bro,
      I wonder what they are doing with Ghalaga and keeping Modryk on the beach and playing Cante in the wing that’s not right If they stop this nonsense tactical formation and keep Arizzabalaga in the bench and introduce Mendy back to the Game

    5. Mendy is totally nowhere near Kepa in ability. Don’t forget he was about hanging up his boots in the third division in France at the time Kepa was setting the La Liga on fire. Chelsea made Mendy because we had the defensive solidity to keep him high up there. That defensive invincibility is no more there. We lost three defenders to the two La Liga giants in one fell swoop and Mendy fell to become a flop. That’s why he’s not playing, not because he’s black! Was he not black when he was being used frequently?

  4. Yes I knew Lampard do not have the power. It’s about time we appoint top top coaches/ managers, those that have power to control, those that do not fold their arms, those that think faster, those that have philosophy. Chelsea is a big team so we need a high profile manager. Someone like Pep.

  5. To revive the drowning Chelsea, there is a need for a self-confident coach. Bring Mendy back to Goal posts and realize a good finisher. A coach can rearrange the players to fit their play position. Also, who can accommodate big players.

  6. Sacke Lampart and bring in Zenedine Zidane to chance things if not things will get wose under him.

  7. The simpe truth is that Chelsea needs good striker…die-heart finishers.
    Sacking coaches will not fix that problem.
    You let Lukaku, Giroud, Werner, Tam abraham all left without getting one outstanding striker.
    How do you expect to win if you are not scoring?

  8. Honestly, Kepa has been Chelsea’s problem.Bring back Mendy , he’s better than Kepa for sake of we the fans.

  9. Does everything has to b about race with u guys… U saw how Mendy was stinking up the whole place before his injury. We all understand that kepa is not very good but Mendy is also having a bad season…. So as everyone connected with Chelsea…

  10. Bring in Zidane please and start play Mandy as your first Xi keeper , KEPAs Concedes unbelievable goals, I think using KEPAs is pert of our problems in Chelsea FC..

  11. I have been complaining how bad Kepa Is in goal keeping while they allowed world class keeper sit on the bench, Its a mistake priorities to have allowed two American to buy Chelsea Fc, the way they are managing Chelsea is the way they manage baseball or their so called handball they call football the two sports are different.Those guys have succeeded in taking our joy away by giving us high blood pressure each time they play.Chelsea is destroyed, May God have Mercy.

  12. Managers cannot perform well if they’re not sure of their jobs. Arteta is doing Ok at Arsenal not because Artena has found the magic to suddenly become a good manager. It’s simply because the guy feels welcomed at the Club and gets the respect that should be accorded the manager of a professional and an elite football club. The Chelsea of today only has flashy players that mostly lack depth. I watched Reese play. He disguises as a good footballer with his sleeky guile on the ball but he’s absolutely nothing in the final third. Most Chelsea players are like Reese James, just in guile only. Chelsea needs proven substance.

  13. I wonder y all this happened to the blue family. Now the owner have also problem don’t keep chasing away managers.T.Tuchel was the best coach in the Stanford Bridge but he was chased he won the UCL And super cup then chased and take some one with no name from BHA what a bushit .stop using feelings take someone which is mature in coaching. CHELSEA is a big team .it needs mature coach and give him time to build team

  14. I’m just scared about next season 23/24 if the team it’s not organized will be end up in championships league.

  15. Chelsea need good forward, they don’t have good and strong attacking players at front this is the club problem

    1. Mourinho is the answer solution to Chelsea problem. Chelsea owner and stake holders in the club should not make another mistake by bringing a coach that doesn’t have trophy mentality but bcs his performing in his club.

  16. Surely Kapa isn’t goalie keeper,even the first goal for Rodrigo he just reacted on it instead of trying to dive like Mendy does 😔 Kapa mostly consider goals from outside the box 😢we need mendy

  17. The problem we Chelsea fans don’t know is that the law of karma had taken it full curse. Sacking of coaches is not the problem of Chelsea, but to find out if the former Chelsea owner Roman Abrahamovich is happy with the way his business between him and the UK govt went through. Because the law of karma says that what goes around comes around. If i transact a business with anyone, i deserve a profit. But when someone used another means to take that business from me, even God Himself will be angry. For those that follow up history, the case of Benfica FC in 1962-65, a certain coach won Europa leauge cup for the club consocutively, a trophy which they were not able to even reach a final stage before in their history. But just a little demand for an increased of wages, they team executive denied him the request and he curse the team and said,* Not even in hundred years will the team enjoy Europa glory. For those that follow up football well will know that Benfica had played 7 Europa leagues finals, and they lost all. I think the new owners of Chelsea should know what to do if they are spiritual inclined. Chelsea is our beloved club and he need God’s intervention.

  18. Football is not for boys but men. Chelsea team now is full with too many boys. Coaches are not the problem.

  19. Since the beginning of this season, I have never seen an achievement in Chelsea as a team so the sacking of TT, PORTER AS WELL AS LAMPARD for the second time won’t solve their problems because what I have realised is that Frank LAMPARD came back to Chelsea when he knows that they were going to sack him that is why he can’t even waste a lot of time commanding because he knew earlier than before but Chelsea’s problem is just a simple thing to solve,any coach that comes to Chelsea must work team spirit but not segregation of players because what I have realised is that players bought by other coaches are not being used, so that implies very well that any coach that comes needs his own players forgetting the experience players, so my request to Tod bohley is that before this season end you will work with more than five coaches but not even a single fruit Wil yield so the only coach he can look for is MAURICIO POCHETINO let him forget about NIGELSMAN and that former sacked Barcelona manager they can’t change Chelsea,the team needs a loving spirit by coaches not to segregate them,then lastly Chelsea’s striking line needs Lukaku to come back but aubamyang is not capable

  20. I was very disappointed when I heard Lampard has been reappointment coach of Chelsea. Looking at his performance when he was last coach and also at his recent team he was sacked from. You don’t that with a big team like Chelsea, NO you don’t. Can you take time and appoint a coach who stand the test of time. Don’t bring back Thomas either, please don’t. Zindane will make a good coach for Chelsea.

  21. The fighting spirit has died in the club. I really love Mourihno in terms of signing players. You have to check the background of the club in terms of quality players that have retired or left the club. I saw alot of mistakes in their signing.
    In the next four to 8years, who can play and deliver like lampard, Drogba, Essien, Makelele, Mikel Obi, Anelka, Malouda, Solomon Kalou, Hazard, Mata, except Kante who plays like Ramires but can’t even deliver like ramirez. They have to sign good and strong players if they wanna compete in next season.

    1. Sacking is not a solution, there players who str selfish on the pitch look into that and also find one or two strikers

  22. Well, Chelsea reappointed lambard as interim manager. Lampard never wins anything and his abysmal record speak for itself and yet, Chelsea is blind enough to reappoint him and thinking he can overturn the sinking ship. Don’t the Chelsea board realise Lampard was sacked by Everton not long ago. And what makes Lampard thinks he is a good manager. He has won nothing yet. Go back to lower division and prove yourself that you can be a succesful manager.

  23. Funny seeing you guys trying to point fingers at the wrong people but you forget to point them fingers onto the players. You think they care about the club or the fans? They’re only interested in the money. They know they will still be paid even if the team loses. Even if they’re not playing, they can get money from sponsorship deals, product endorsements or appearance fees. The way they play does not do justice to the money they earn. Bottom line is – it’s not the club owner’s fault, not the manager’s fault. The professional league system is spoiling the players too much. If they don’t like the manager, they will play half-heartedly so that the manager gets sacked. Do you still think the manager’s at fault?


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  25. I think the problem of the team is the owners Todd Boehly , Behdad Eghbali and Jose E. Feliciano. They do not have managerial skills..and as for the players they arent determined and disciplined enough to understand the tradition that explayers have kept for years..Lampard should orientate them since he was an ex-player of the team and knows the importance of why one is a Chelsea player..all staffs that left the team in one way or the other was part of the negativity surrounding the team…As for Lampard let every player knows no one is indispensable and all needs to work and fight for their shirt and position.

    1. Surely the problem at present is the Manager seems clueless everthing at his disposal how can can any right thinking Man leave General Kante for the mid.

  26. Kai is a striker but let’s look where exactly on position he plays its helpless i wonder why all coaches doesnt see that

    1. They see it, but can do nothing about it. If we still had the likes of Tammy, Giroud, Werner, Lukaku etc, no coach will use Kai as a no 9. Cut these people some slack! They’re trained coaches, not dumb people. We’re in a rebuild and taking one department after the other. We can’t replace all the players we’ve lost in one fell swoop and we seriously only need to tackle the attacking problems in the next transfer window. That’s all we need to move forward.

  27. There is no need to criticise players and coaches, new boss is the problem.All these years supporting the Blues they never disappoint like this.Changing Managers every time also can affect the players, buying lots of players also another problem waisting their careers sitting on the bench because you can’t put them all on the field.Chelsea never in this position, so disappointed

  28. We have bunch of useless players who don’t have ability of scoring yet they still bring felix and murdrik who dont know how to score kovaci cant score liftus cheeck mount Gallagher all of them are useless sale them and bring players that can score outside the boxe not all those chickens pulisic and the rest the only good midfielder is kante apart from him flush the rest of time they and bunch of useless players that cannot play for one team sighn players that can only score goals not dribbling… TUCHEL IS A BASTARD for not signing CR7 he went and bring aubameyang stupid idiot sign rubbish and reject the good and bring the bad hes the first problem we are facing

  29. Chelsea has better players as Arsenal on paper only, but not on the field. Chelsea needs players that will play for the club, whether they win, lose or draw. That’s the first they must get right. And they need to offload certain players, even willing to offload whether they have a long term contract, to safe the club. The owners should give the coach, assistant coach, technical coach with their recruiting coach or agents more power, more say, more responsibility. That American owner took away the coach powers completely, he might as well be the coach himself. Seen that he is trying to be hands on. Before the start of this season I could never imagine Chelsea will be 11th right now, I thought they going to be in the top 3 (whether 2nd or 1st), Arsenal 4th. That was my prediction. But I was completely wrong. Liverpool also surprised me. I think the coach should get the same power tights as Arteta, and someone at chelsea as the same as Edu. I don’t care about the players, some of thtm must be sacrificed whoever they going to be, I care about the club’s legacy. That just proof, the new owners is no good for Chelsea. They don’t treat Chelsea as the favourite child, that they will do anything, nothing but the best. They bought very good individual players, but not great players for Chelsea. They must buy players the club need, not players the owners admires. If the owner don’t stop with his stupidity.

  30. You better now take time to apoint the new coach please Chelsea is a big team don’t do things accidentally no.lern to other clubs like man city,arsenal and Liverpool please take your time and choose a good coach.

  31. We threw away all our strikers without replacement, lost our dependable defenders and replaced them with flops, while the club underwent a turmoil that shook it to its turmoil necessitating a change of ownership with total change of philosophy and contract management and expect a magic! Chelsea fans are so impossible to deal with. This is a passing phase that will end with time. No great team ever went through what we’ve gone through in the past one year and survived it, but we’re pulling through and in no danger of relegation whatsoever. Common, where are the positive vibes Chelsea fans are noted for?

  32. Honestly is always a painful and difficult things when your team are under performing and their is no signs of improvement, i think Chelsea lost it all the movement they sacked Tuchel, you can’t compare Brighton and Chelsea together in terms of board, pressure, philosophy n financial status, when potter was still in Brighton even though they dont win matches he can not fill the hit the way he’s filling it before he was sacked at Chelsea, so comparing potter to tuchel as a football manager is like comparing Ph.d holder to school cert holder.

    Furthermore, for Chelsea to come out of this dilemma they need a world class coach that really understand modern football, a coach with much experience that can easily analyst football matches and again Chelsea fans need to be patient because this might take at least two season.

    Finally, some players need to be let go in that squand, kante is ageing and is very obvious, he can no longer play a full 90min or play 5 straight matches in a row without injury, koulibally, thiago Silva are ageing and i dont see them contributing positively to the team, well i wish them good luck in the future, hala madrid.

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